Surf, You Think You Can, Hmm?

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Ok, so you know how to Google, but do you know how to run an AdWords Campaign?

Sure, you have a Facebook Profile, but do you have a Facebook Page and do you know how to “Boost” a Post?

Yes, like all of us, you lose hours a week to the Black Hole which is YouTube, but do you know how to Post a Video or how to add Annotations & Cards?

And what the heck is a Snapchat or an Instagram Story?   :-)

If you're part of Generation-X (1961-1981) then most of you were around for the pre-Windows computers; I remember my dad's first IBM in the 80s!

Gen-Xers, Digital Economy, Re-skilling, Online Education, Affiliate Marketing.

We were there for the early versions of Windows, e-mail was a Revolution! You know what a Floppy and a Stiffy is. You remember a time before CD.

We all drank it in, it felt like we were living in the Future!!!

Gen-Xers, Digital Economy, Re-skilling, Online Education, Affiliate Marketing.

But at some point, you gave up on keeping up.

The only Tumblring you know about, happens in bed, after a night of which, Tweeting wakes you up, it's not something you do....

Like I mentioned Two Posts Ago, as we head into the Age of Artificial Intelligence; Now is a Great Time to Reskill.

The Perfect Place to Start is Seriously improving your Digital Skills.

This is not only about not Being Left Behind, but you’re Missing Out on Tapping Into a Vast Economic Resource!

Gen-Xers, Digital Economy, Re-skilling, Online Education, Affiliate Marketing.

Having an Online Presence combined with the Knowledge & Experience of How to Drive Traffic to What You Offer, means you have access to An Audience

24 / 7 / 365 !!! 

(This could be your Own Products, or products you are an Affiliate with.)

The Wonderful Thing About Affiliate Marketing is that your Only Function is to Drive Traffic to their Site and they take care of the rest!

No Stock Control, No Customer Liaison, No Staff Issues… Just Money in Your Bank.

Now, not All Affiliate Programs are Created Equally, though.

Once you go down this “Rabbit Hole”, you will find a lot of Information Online!

Affiliate Marketing has been a Trending Term Online, for a while now.

I recently came across a YouTube video of a guy, Affiliated with a very well know company, who was reporting on his $245.37 Monthly Earnings. Don’t get me wrong, he is learning valuable skills in the process of being involved in this program, but in the long run, is $250 a month going to change your Financial Situation?

Gen-Xers, Digital Economy, Re-skilling, Online Education, Affiliate Marketing.

On the other hand, Many Affiliate Programs will give you the Initial Commission, but they keep the Contact Details of your Lead and will pay you no Further Commissions on any Future Sales, including High-Ticket Sales!

(I know of an Affiliate Program where you get a handsome commission on the Front-End Offer, but there are $100’000- products that your Leads might later buy, that you don’t see a cent of!!!)

Would you like to be an Affiliate with an Online Educational Institution that offers Digital Skills Training, where you can earn Commission on Products ranging from Small, (but Monthly Recurring), Mid-Range-Sales to High-Tickets Sales?

(You’ll earn Commission on All Purchases made by All the Customers you bring to Their Door, for as long as you are Part of their Program.)

If Deepening your Digital Skill Set sounds like something you are interested in and if you would like to Earn-While-You-Learn, then click the Banner below and I’ll e-mail you a 7-Day Introductory Video Series.

How to make your first 10K online!