The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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A report by Citibank & Oxford University in 2016 predicted that 47% of US jobs are at risk of automation. In the UK it's 35% and in China as much as 77%.

Artificial Intelligence, Jobs Lost through Automation, Fourth Industrial Revolution

Some believe this could happen in as short a period as 20 years!

Most jobs at risk are Low-Skilled, like people working in the Manufacturing Industry but also Service Jobs, like Call Centre Operators and Financial Advisors, could be replaced by “Robo-Advisors”

Increasingly though it is believed that more skilled jobs are at risk of being replaced as well;

As much as 80% of IT jobs could be replaced by AI-type Systems.

Even people with Graduate Degrees are not safe; Lawyers and Accountants could be partially or wholly replaced, perhaps even Doctors! (IBM Watson as an example)

Artificial Intelligence, Jobs Lost through Automation, Fourth Industrial Revolution

It is estimated that 1.2 Billion people on the planet earn their living from driving. With Autonomous Driving an almost mature science, what are they going to do?

Artificial Intelligence, Jobs Lost through Automation, Fourth Industrial Revolution

The outgoing Obama Administration recently released a report on Unemployment due to Automation:

“As AI changes the nature of work and the skills demanded by the Labor Market, American Workers will need to be prepared with the Education and Training that can help them continue to succeed. If the United States fails to improve at Educating Children and Retraining Adults with the skills needed in an increasingly AI-driven economy, the country risks leaving millions of Americans behind…”

On the question of Universal Basic Income in America, the report is cautious: 

“Our goal should be first and foremost to foster the skills, training, job search assistance, and other labour market institutions to make sure people can get into jobs, which would much more directly address the employment issues raised by AI than would U.B.I.”

Unless you live in Scandinavia, don’t look for handouts from your Government anytime soon and even there, the early Testing Groups will only be receiving around $600 per month in Basic Income.

We are certainly entering Exciting Times and with all the Change comes great Opportunity!

People will be looking for Help, Guidance and Education over the next few years.
You could Position yourself to be able to offer that service by Re-Educating and Re-Skilling now.
As an Early Adopter, you’ll have sufficient time to gain enough knowledge and experience with which to help others find Financial Security in a Post-AI world, this will be a Highly-Valued and Lucrative Skill-Set!

Artificial Intelligence, Jobs Lost through Automation, Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our Traditional Educational Institutions just can’t keep up. How many people are at University right now, spending thousands of Dollars to educate themselves for jobs that won’t be there in 10, 20 years time?!

How are these Institutions supposed to teach students to do jobs that don’t even exist yet? They can’t.

There is a growing rift between what is taught at University and the skills that employers are looking for right now.

Would you like to align yourself with an Educational Institution that is small enough to be able to move with the quickening pace of change and yet large enough to have a substantial Support Network and Community?

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