TRUTH can we Believe the MEDIA

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Can we believe what the media is telling us? or are they prone to sensationalism? Or do they report what they are told to?

Interesting that we hear mostly the negative things that are happening in our world.This sells publications, TV and newspapers and any other media out there.

 We all know that there is a hurting world out there and many people need our help and support in so many situations.

The truth is we can only help others when we first help ourselves become the best person we can be. We have to keep out the negatives and build up our positive minds to a point where we are always learning to be GREAT.

When we do that we can teach others to grow and overcome things in their lives and become better parents, fathers, mothers,sons, daughters and children will learn from those positive influences in there lives.

The word is becoming so filled with technology we have the media at our finger tips 24/7 so we have to be dilligent with what we fill our minds with. There are so may good influences out there also but we have to take the time to do some research and find them.

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