The Age of Instant Gratification

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"The Age of Instant Gratification"

I remember when I was younger if you wanted to change the channel on your TV, you had to get off your arse and manually turn the knob. Can anyone else remember that?

Oh have times changed, now you have devices like Alexa, who will do all kinds of things for you and they are voice activated. Now You can be on the other side of the world and change the channel on your TV with your smartphone.

You could say that these mod cons are making life easier, and us lazier.

But I feel there is a downside to all this technology and push-button generation & age.

Wanting it, expecting it & getting it NOW.

We live in a World that has run out of patience. Everyone is rushing about and life just seems to be getting faster & faster, more so now since the internet was invented. Total overwhelm!!

Dopamine “gone mad”

Our brain is a learning muscle, from the day you are conceived until you draw your last breath. It is hungry for information, you could say its insatiable. And so from this, we become less patient, less tolerant, less caring & totally selfish. We rush from pillar to post and miss all the in-between stuff, gobbling up the dots, like Pacman.

Every time your smartphone’s alert “bings”, do you get a rush? And what if you don’t get any notifications for a period of time, how does that make you feel? Ignored, abandoned, lower self-worth.

Give me, give me & I don’t care who I have to trample to get what I want, or where I have to go to get it.

Some people are like this all the time but most people have had moments of “madness” when they thought they were losing out on something.

FOMO (fear of missing out)

Survival of the fittest is instinctual and fear-based, but in our fast paste lives, it has become dog eat dog or keeping up with the Jones’s. We hate to be outdone or deprived, even if we don’t need it. Greed has taken over and greed is insatiable in itself and too has absolutely no patience.

We are terrified that we will miss out, we compare ourselves to other people, especially the “beautiful” people online or in the media, and then feel less of a person or guilty, or jealous, envious, judgmental, pissed off…...

If you listen to most of the motivational guru’s you also hear a lot of contradictions in what they advise.

Take your time, commitment and consistency will pay off in the long run.

Take massive action now, push your boundaries to their limit and come out of your comfort zone.
I don’t know what you think, but they do contradict each other and most of the coaches we follow, are millionaires who can afford coaches themselves for every area of their lives.

So do we practice patience and wait or like everyone else, jump on the bandwagon, take no prisoners and have no mercy until we get what we want and get it now, or at least die trying?

What kind of life do you want?

Giving value in life will make you a nicer person but it won’t guarantee that you will get it back, even in time, even in this life.

Taking what you want NOW, with little consideration for others, might get you what you want if you are aggressively determined, but You won’t make many friends and you could even lose a few.

Which way is right and which is wrong is totally up to you, but thinking that being patient, giving value organically will give you a 6 figure income is highly unlikely, but you might be a happier person than being an in your face millionaire.

At the end of the day, do whatever works, but as I have said in other articles of mine “Happiness is an inside job”, no matter if you feel you need to strive for it right now or wait, is totally up to you.

On a sinister note

As an addiction counselor and working in an environment where dopamine-induced instant gratification has been the norm, it is frightening to see how many young people in comparison to the older generation, after being detoxed from drugs and alcohol, struggle in recovery with learning how to be patient and give time, time.

The millennials, because of the digital age, have never really had to wait for anything, so have rarely had to learn to be patient. Suicides are up in recovery as a lot of young people are not seeing results they want NOW, and do not know how to handle being patient or having to wait, or being consistent. The only option they see, tragically, is to end their lives.

Could this be where society is heading? or are we already there?

Consistency is Key

As a society, we cannot carry on like this, everything takes time, and we have to learn to be patient in life, It is a Law Of the Universe. Things will come if you remain consistent and committed, that also is a natural law, so we all have to learn to be more tolerant of time and learn to enjoy the journey or process of achieving our goals.

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