Unexpected Visitor

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What and awesome surprise, we had a visitor to our outside deck this afternoon a very healthy looking Raccoon. Our deck is two stories up and quite a climb to get up here.

We had noticed some droppings on the deck earlier and wondered what animal they were from, now we know who the culpert was.

We had them visiting a few years ago when we had flower pots out on our deck and tomato plants in pots out there also. We were putting our egg shells and coffee grinds in the soil in the pots for fertilizer and this is what attracted them. They would dig those up and leave quite a mess on our deck, so we stopped doing that. We really don't know what attracted this guy but he dared to climb up a post to our deck which is about 15 feet or so.(as you can see in the picture)

We have a lot of different animals that live around here, we are out in the country and in their natural habitat. We often see ground hogs running around and quite a few white tailed deer love to hang around and have seen fawns each year with their white spots.


One year while playing golf I had hit my ball into the rough on one hole where there was long grass, while walking through the long grass I almost stepped on a little fawn that was hiding there so quietly, it was quite a surprise.

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