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Google makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to everybody!

There are 3 different fields of interaction with Artificial Intelligence currently.

Using tools driven by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning as a consumer.
We are already surrounded by things, using some parts of Artificial Intelligence and there will be so many more to come! On Apple you have Siri, but in MacOS High Sierra there will be optimization on a Hardware level. Google uses AI for its search and its assistant, Facebook is loaded with Artificial Intelligence. Image recognition, translation, scanning of documents … It is so much going on in this sector, where we are presented the next generation devices and possibilities.

I propose to use as much of all kinds of these new gadgets to get a feeling about how it all works!

There is no way to put the head into the sand and wait until this is over and by the way, it opens many new opportunities!


Using Artificial Intelligence Services

The Google Machine Learning API

Google is providing access to services on its own platform, where you, as a programmer or service provider can make use of machine learning in action to build useful services to enrich the Internet of Things.

Most common and highly relevant are:

voice recognition in audio and categorization of content
content translation (text and audio)
image analysis and categorization
video analysis and categorization
But I imagine it will not take long until image and video optimization will be available …

Watch how to program useful services with the Google Machine Learning API?

The IBM Watson Machine Learning API

IBM Watson bet Gerry Kasparov in 1995 and in 2010 it won Jeopardy.

Watson is still around and everybody can access it to build useful services

Find more details about the services of IBM here


Watch this kid called Tanmay program a useful chatbot with Node.JS to get an idea what youth is up to today!

Programm Deep Machine Learning for specific use cases

Learn the basics if you haven’t until now.


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