What did we do before the internet?

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Let’s start with my age to give me some more credibility that I actually remember the times before the modern era. I was born in Poland in 1984, why is the place important? Poland is an ex-communist country and everything arrived to Eastern Europe with about a 5-7 year delay. So when in the UK you had sweets, coca cola and chocolate bars I was happy to get oranges for Christmas! There was no currency, we had ‘coupons’ to buy stuff and there was a limit what you could have. I remember my mum getting up very early in the morning, like 4am and stand in a queue to buy some meat.

You can imagine we were behind as a country, an economy, infrastructure and most of all the technology. When for western world colour TV was the norm we were excited to have a TV at home (I’m talking black & white).

A bit later on I remember WHS and my little brother putting coins in the recorder, listening to tapes on the Walkman and let’s fast forward to 2002 when I was introduced to the ‘INTERNET’ at school.

We were told you had to type the exact ‘address(url)’ to get to the right page otherwise it wouldn’t work. I was presented a floppy disk for some simple tasks and quickly figured out the priorities - how to play solitaire. I vividly remember the face of my teacher who said learn this you never know this knowledge might come handy one day. Ohh boy was she right or what?!

Today we have everything with one click, we almost cannot function without internet! We can order a taxi with few taps, I can check my bank account using my fingerprints, we can ask SIRI any questions, check the weather within minutes, check Wikipedia without leaving the house getting to the library and search for the book we need which was let out to someone else and should be back next week! I mean internet has revolutionised our lives and there is no doubt about it!

You can book a flight within minutes, check the nearest GP in your area, facetime your dentist, checkout Asian recipe or search ‘how to’ on nearly any subjects on YouTube…I mean the possibilities are endless and yet we don’t use even half of them to our advantage.

I honestly think it’s the fear of unknown and the fear or leaving our comfort zone. Possibly it’s also a generation thing, my dad can just about turn on the laptop and turn it off and he doesn’t even know how to open skype. I don’t think age, generation, your background should be excuse to anything!

My question is if we have access to so much information why aren’t we using it? Why aren’t we using the technology to help us build better life instead of resenting it?

20 years ago we all lived oblivious to how the world will change our lives and today we can’t live without it!

Here is my challenge to you – what can you learn today using the internet which could improve the quality of your life?

Maybe you are self-employed and would like to take your business to the next level by using social media but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you work 9-5 and have enough of making someone else successful but not sure where to start? Or you have a passion and would like to meet likeminded people but where do you search for it?

What can you do to take action just a little bit further? Don’t get overwhelmed, do your research, take small steps and before you know it you will be the one giving people advise on the subject!

With Love Bea x

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