Why your internet is slow

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So you’ve decided to seriously use the internet to get a side income but lo and behold, internet speed is not the best in your country or vicinity. 

Or maybe you are an established blogger currently cruising in the land of the safaris but can’t quite get the same internet speed as you had in your home country. Well here are ...

5 possible reasons why your internet is slow

  1. Your current internet server is located in another country. Most servers are located in the UK, France and USA. Chances are that if you are residing or holidaying outside of these countries, it will affect your internet speed.
  2. The website you are viewing is hosted outside of your country. For example, if you are viewing a .uk website and you’re not based in the UK, chances are that it will affect your internet speed.
  3. You are using a standard connection as opposed to the faster fibre optic connection. Internet providers in Europe are already providing fibre optic internet services whilst providers in Africa are constructing fibre optic cables to allow them deliver these services (I don’t know if this is now completed and up and running so please share in the comment section if it is). Wikipedia has further information about the fibre optic projects in Africa. But basically, ask your internet provider if they provide fibre optic services, as it allows for a faster internet experience.
  4. Your internet cache needs clearing. Your browser stores information of your visits and overtime this builds up. Make a point to clear your cache at least once every week.
  5. Multiple devices are connected to the same wi-fi source. If you are accessing the internet at home and sharing it with your family or buddies, consider taking it in turns to access the internet or switch off the wi-fi enable for other devices you are not using. Alternatively, opt for a cable connection. 


There are obviously more reasons (including very techie ones) as to why your internet is slow but as I’m not a computer scientist I dare not go down that path. I’ll just leave that detail to the experts :)

Good luck with increasing your speed and please leave a comment if you have any other tips for increasing your internet speed. If you have experience of using fibre optic internet in African countries, please share as well.

All the best in your online business!



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