Marketing with Empathy

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Hi it’s Dermot again and just the other day I was thinking, could empathy work with on line marketing or marketing in general. It is a well known fact that the emphasis in sales and marketing is moving away from the product and more on the person.

I decided to Google this and yes there are loads of articles and sites on this subject. Damn it, I thought, I thought I was the first to come up with it!!. But seriously I am glad to see that empathy is being incorporated in marketing strategies.  By Kevin Mc Keown, is an excellent article on empathy & marketing.

I am a recovering alcoholic and an addiction counsellor and would have a lot of experience sharing my own journey in recovery, and know how much value that gives to people in early recovery. It’s all down to empathy. People warm to like minded people, we all do.

In my own early journey in SFM and being part of the vast on line community, I find that I can identify people in the community, who are like me. As far as I feel, the "Laptop Lifestyle" crowd, live somewhere out there, which is not part of my current reality. Like yourselves, I'm sure, I've seen hundreds of on line adds stating: "If you want my wonderful jetsetting life style then click the link....." Nice to dream, yes, but that doesn’t float my boat at this moment in time. If an advert appeared:

"Like me, are you struggling right now, would you like to supplement your income, find more time for life, never ever have to pay a babysitter or creche again" it would sell me faster, as I would have more empathy with that marketer. But that is only my opinion.

I see how empathy works in addiction recovery groups and one to one counselling sessions, and the bond and trust it creates is priceless and lifelong.

So can you learn empathy?. Yes you can and you don’t have to become an alcoholic to learn it either. I’ll leave it up to you to research this subject for yourself as it is quite vast, but there is an article I found interesting by Roman Krznaric on "6 habits of highly empathic people":

If you can empathically shape your avatar or potential client and use your own experience to create value, then you are heading in the right direction to creating a successful online marketing career, or as Stuart Ross calls it "golden nugget".

I am going to try it, whats the worst that could happen. Care to join me?, then click the link below for more info and to see if it is your cup of tea or not.

Thank you again 




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