Clint Pilgrim

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Hi my name is Clint, I'm 28 years old from Sydney Australia.
I suppose my 'end goal' is to feel completely content with my achievements and be successful, not just from a monitory standpoint but also in life, happiness and love. To build fulfilling relationships with the people around me that encourage and push me to learn and become a better person.
I strive to reach a point in life where my money is making me more money then I could if I was working (ie; Time for money)
I would love to learn another language and live in another country. (my girlfriend is Dutch - so Hallo hoe gaat het? to other Dutchie's out there :) There are still Lots more of the world out there I would like to see and many more experiences I can't wait to enjoy.
I currently own my own company in the Telecommuncations Industry, providing phone and internet services for small to medium business with a strong focus on customer service and providing a wide range of products offering business solutions. I joined the SFM to gain the knowledge, tools and skills to master online marketing to assist growing my current company and also any product or service I wish to have involvement in the future.
I have a strong willingness to learn and accept change. I believe in always looking for the positive in what may seem at the time to be bad situations, appreciation for the good things in my life, gratitude for my past experiences which make me the person I am today. Positive thoughts, visions, actions and persistence will always attract/create positive outcomes. Consciously make the effort to feel good, right now. Live in the now! Wishing you all the best of luck chasing and acquiring your dreams.