Dave Menzies

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My name is Dave Menzies. I'm based in Innellan on the west coast of Scotland and have been working online for a number of years both before and after being made redundant from the Audio Visual Industry where I had worked for 12 years. I worked my way through the ranks as a technician, project manager and business development manager and was pretty successful. Then along came the recession which led to many companies and organisations slashing their spend on corporate entertainment and live events.

Just before my redundancy I invested in a franchised Online store selling wine (one of my passions) I worked hard at it trying to learn SEO, article writing and spinning, back link building etc. Unfortunately just as I was beginning to build momentum along came Google's Panda and Penguin updates which more or less undid several years of work almost overnight.

Luckily I managed to sell the site and reinvested the cash in an online advertising company. I was able to build a good business that was generating a good income which I was able to steadily increase month on month. The company however ran in to problems with their payment system. This led to a downwards spiral ending in complete collapse. I obviously realised that I need sustainable income streams.

I got involved with a number of "push button" type business's which fell flat and cane to the stage where I realised that I really needed a joined up strategy and system that would allow me to build a solid online presence and reliable income. More importantly - a business I could be passionate about. Through an acquaintance I found out about SFM - spent some time watching videos and asking questions and here I am !

The training and resources I have with SFM and DEA have enabled me to not only promote the system and help others to create online businesses, but to build several other additional web-based businesses. This platform is designed to create independent digital marketing professionals who can build online businesses in any niches they choose. I have a guitar playing business and one that promotes an energy saving product.

Running an online business has certainly been a life changer for me - I'm no longer at the mercy of employers and am in control of my time - there is no ceiling to what's possible. I work hard but I work for me. This gives me the freedom to spend more time with my amazing partner Mo and to enjoy the things we both love - travelling, photography, making music. We've also been able to achieve a life long dream of relocating to a beautiful, rural spot on the coast.

My core values are integrity, honesty and commitment. I've made mistakes in the past and am here to help anyone who is genuinely passionate about making a better life online avoid those mistakes.

Whatever skills and experience you have can be repurposed in the digital world - that's what I love about this industry.