Debbie Frye

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Hi my name is Debbie. I have been quite the loner most of my life. I am taking Radical Action now, and decided to change how I have been doing things up a bit!
I am a single mom of two adult daughters. My oldest who I had at 16 has Downs Syndrome and is mommy's constant companion. My youngest is in the Medical Profession.
We have 7 cats and a Siberian Husky.
I am Vegan ,and have been since February 2017,previously I was a Pescatarian for 8 years. I love being Vegan. It has improved my health,helped me to lose weight that was hard to come off, and has taught me so much about food and how to cure many ailments with food. Five months into it I got a awesome tattoo to solidify it.Vegan for ever!
I am a Baby Boomer! My Passions are Art, Clean Eating and Helping our Planet.
Speaking up for Animals and spreading the horrors of factory farming.
I enjoy Reading about Spirituality,and constantly am doing Self Work on myself to be a better human while I am occupying this vessel.
I am a INFJ Personality Type. Rarest worldwide!
I am a Artist and paint mostly family pets with Acrylic Paint. I love being close to home and in my yard gardening. I am a fantastic cook and love preparing food at home.
My family pets and our security mean the world to me. I want to be near them to care for them, and not working somewhere for 8 hours away from my loved ones.
I used to have to be away from them longer than that when I had 3 jobs. I was hardly ever home. My daughter back and forth to sitters all day. It was horrible.
Then 2 of my 3 jobs went out of business close to each other and things changed for me.
I was fortunate to still have income and pay our bills, but living on a budget sucks! I mean I had to live on a budget all my life.
But it was time to start changing that too. I found a Online Business Training Company that gives me the opportunity to work anywhere I have internet connection on my Laptop.
Giving I need to be close to home, this Opportunity was Paramount!
See I have been a mom most of my life. I am as a parent, always looking ahead so that I can prepare for the future as best I can to be able to take the best care of my family. That is how I got to be where I am today. It took hard work Patience, Consistency and a lot of mistakes along the way.
But it paid off.
Now I have entered what I like to say is the second chapter in my life, and I am seriously thinking about the future, which is what brought me here on Digital Bloggers.
Blogging lets me express myself. It lets me share what is on my mind and what I have learned, and want to pass on to others. I want to help people enrich their lives and spend more time being happy, and doing what brings them joy!
The rules are constantly changing. As a Caregiver there are so many things you have to keep up with. Forms to fill out, Tests and paperwork and changes in budget or what the government wants you to fill out or mail in. It can be a real headache.
But if you do not comply you can get in trouble and they can take away your benefits.
Then what? You are at their mercy. Do you feel me? I started thinking about our future.
I want to travel the world. I want to visit places all over the world! Course if you are not occupying your home long enough during the month, that will affect your income. And that is with any job.
Well the future's the Internet.
The World Wide Web is where commerce is.
Big Companies worldwide use the internet to communicate and distribute their products daily. All kinds of business opportunities are found there, but the issue is finding the right one for you.
I was looking for a Place that I could learn how to maneuver the internet, find a business I could start, but from home. I need skills, and education on how and what to do exactly.
I wanted to be mentored by someone who has been where I am now and genuinely understands my position. I want to be Self Sufficient and replace my income with my own money that I bring in through my own Online Business.
No one knows what the future holds, but I feel if I can support my family on my own money, have the quality time to spend with my family and loved ones and actually do things that make me happy, Well it is well worth all of my sincere efforts to work towards my goals.
I found all that and more. I am learning the skills that will propel me ahead in this Digital age.I got serious and decided that I was going to take my life in my own hands. And that is what this journey is all about.I want to genuinely help others in my case and anyone who is homebound, or just wants to ditch the Rat Race, making someone else rich! I know it will take time, but imagine what you can do in a year or two!
You have to keep up with the times. As a child I had imagined there would be flying cars by now! It is coming.
I don't want to be left behind driving a antique! What are YOU going to do with the rest of your life?