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I’m Dejorn Goldsmith, I was diagnosed with a benign tumour/mass in the right side of my head near my ear canal March 2018, it’s not improved and has started to effect my lymph nodes on that side of my head and neck. Recently I have had a check up MRI scan which showed new masses growing on the left side of my head, I’m due further tests and biopsies along with continued monitoring to make sure they’re not now malignant.

Surgical intervention and possible radiology seems the way doctors want to go but I don’t want that.

So for many years I’ve been advocating that the body heals itself, I’ve posted loads of research in the past about how the body is a self healing mechanism, when we get out of the way and allow it to heal. So maybe the universe has given me an opportunity to either eat my words or prove the research was correct information.

I have set up this blog for accountability, you see I have had the opportunity to do this fast all year but I keep putting it off, because of perhaps being in self destruct mode feeling sorry for my self, I don’t really know I just need to let a lot of people know I am doing this water fast, which will then make me accountable to actually go through with it and for the full duration I have set myself.

The fast will be for 14 days and will consist of me only consuming water and no food or supplements. I do not recommend that you do a fast yourself unassisted by a professional, I recommend that you go to a fasting retreat if fasting for longer than 2 days. Always consult your doctor before fasting.

Before the fast for 7 days I will eat only fruit, and after the fast for 7 days I will eat only fruit. Then back to vegan food.

I am confident in monitoring my own vital signs; breathing, pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar.

If I am successful I will post before and after MRI scans, and photos as the one on the right side of my head is slightly visible below the skin, swollen lymph nodes are easily visible so photo evidence is possible. I will also vlog and blog my journey through the fast.

The fast will start on the 29th of November 2018 and I will start eating on the 13th of December, your support will be well needed. Thank you 🙏