Diana Jones

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Hello!. I love talking about personal development and how to create our mindset that will make us live to our truest potential of who we truly are. I am Croatian and moved to England in 1998. I got married in 2006 and live with my husband and daughter just outside London. I believe that our daily thoughts are so important as they do create our reality. I guess for a while now I craved more freedom in my life hence I joined wonderfull SFM community in order to create a life I deserve. I feel that if we don't grow in life we wilt and die, well at least part of our soul does. Look after your thoughts, have a clear focus and vision where you want to be, trust the universe, have a firm belief and things will start to shift. It is a natural law. I have also studied natural nutrition and NLP. I do believe that as well as working on our minds and inner parts of ourselves we must look after our physical bodies by feeding it with wholesome, nutrient-packed food. Body is our temple and as our outer world is a reflection of our inner world I do believe that you can apply it vice versa " our inner worlds are the reflection of our outer ones too".