Kyle Erickson

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My passion lies with teaching others how to help themselves. Whether it be through creating a Digital Family Economy or learning about Fitness and Nutrition, I want to share the truth about what's out there, debunk myths and challenge the status quo. There IS a better way and my aim is to sift through the nonsense and point others to the highest quality, most straight forward approach to achieving it. I came to SFM with these passions in mind and found a community that not only met, but exceeded my expectations at every turn. I love honesty and transparency and found that these were welcome attributes here. Right now I'm focused on learning and teaching how to become financially self-sufficient so myself and other parents like me can be at home instilling our values into our children rather than spending 60 hours a week in an office building feeling estranged from our families when we're with them. I enjoy fitness immensely. I love to squat. I love kettlebells. I'm a nutrition nerd and study it for fun. I'm fascinated by Natural Medicine. Most of all I love my family and I'm on a mission to free myself from what I like to call corporate slavery so I can focus on what's of greatest importance to me.