Lina and Anders

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Hello there Everyone! It's Lina and Anders here and we are The Digital Lifestyle Team. We live in Sweden with our two daughters and two dogs. Anders has been a carpenter for 11 years now. Lina is a truck driver but has for the last 1.5 years been working for IKEA. Where else would you work if you are from Sweden?

After many years of hard backbreaking work, long unrewarding hours, people telling you when/if you can have holiday or not, trading time for a low fixed income and an unfulfilling life in general, the situation has become unsustainable for us. On top of all that Anders has had two surgeries and might need another one this year. To continue down on this path is not an option. To have the same approach to the same problems which means continue to do this year in year out will lead to nowhere.

The new approach we have is to move from being employees to be our own bosses through online marketing. We are still working our normal day jobs but there is a plan. The plan is that within 2 years to replace the income from our day jobs and get our income from our online businesses instead. This way the physically challenging aspect of working is gone. We can have more freedom to do what we want and when we want to do it. We are making sure that everyday we are getting closer and closer to our end goal.

We have learned so much from Six Figures Mentors already and we are extremely excited. The future is looking bright! Now we want to help other people in the same situation to walk the path of success with us. Change your approach and do like we do. Join us or watch us. The future starts today!