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"Character is forged through adversity". This statement is certainly true of me. Growing up as a young boy in the United States, my parents had all the opportunity needed to provide a great childhood for me but instead, my life would be characterized as a hard and difficult life that was deeply affected by abuse, pain, poverty, and the divorce of my parents. This would play a huge role in shaping me into who I was as a child. As a young parent in my early twenties, I vowed not to make my children suffer through the horrible things that I went through and I was able to do that and become a great dad to them. That forged me into being a person with compassion who wants to help others. One area that continued to elude me though was achieving financial wealth. It seemed that I could not escape the dream-crushing weight of poverty and lack. I was a hard worker and was often told that too, but I ended up having a string of dead-end jobs that led to nowhere. Early on I began to realize that most bosses honestly care nothing about the well being of their employees, or at least they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. I had a burning desire in me for more, for a better life and despite working hard, I could never save enough for a better life. I learned that I was only making my bosses wealthy while I never seemed to have enough to adequately provide for my family. This led to leaving my home state of New York and moving to Florida in to learn a skilled trade so I could provide for my family.

Even while learning the Electrical trade, I felt 'my gravity dreams', as I call them, were inside of me dying and I felt like I would be stuck forever. I still was not earning that much better than I was in NY. From there either my dreams would succumb to the gravity pull of this world and never make it off the ground, or I would choose to do what I could to overcome that gravity so my dreams could take off for the skies! I looked for opportunities ways to better myself. This and other factors led to my decision to go to college.

In 2008, I lost my construction job due to the economic depression that followed the crash of the housing market, so in 2009 at the age of 39, I started on my way to earning my degree in business. In 2013, I graduated with my Bachelor's in Business Sciences/Concentration in Project Management. This was a momentous life event for me and surely this would propel me to earning a much better check. I also was the first ever person in my family to earn a Bachelor's Degree. I really wish I could say that this played out like I thought it would but soon I would discover that the competition was fierce at that level. Despite many months of sending professionally inspired and polished resumes, my searches for better-paying work yielded nothing that was any better than what I already had. Talk about discouraging! I was left with job offerings that did not allow me to pay off my student loans or make better money. To make matters worse, many jobs that never needed a degree before were suddenly being changed to now require one, making my degree worthless. It was the same jobs, the same low pay, but now a degree was needed.

Eventually, I was able to open my own business as a Residential Electrical Contractor. Although this has helped me earn better pay, it certainly wasn't helping me pay off my student loans faster and save for retirement. Now that I have Grandkids, to state it simply: I wanted to be in a better place so that I could be able to financially bless their lives. The electrical contractor business is a service industry job that was running me. This was not the best long-term answer. At 50 plus something years old, I did not want to be crawling around in attics and busting my butt to earn money that is not enough to clear up my debts, student loans or allow me to save for retirement. I desired time freedom, the true reward for my work, and to be financially stable for once. My time in college was not all for naught as it did teach about one important thing: the emerging online marketplace will be changing the business world as we know it.

I referred to 'my gravity dreams' before. That led me to look for a business that I could open online. I knew that the internet is responsible for creating the more new millionaires than any other marketplace arena. I wanted something that I could build and my search took a long time but I found a partner company that is like no other that I have ever seen. My courses in college taught me how to look for the earmarks of a good company. That company will help set up any person with 'my gravity dreams' of their own and provide a path to become a successful online business entrepreneur. They have a stellar online business building platform that is industry leading for launching your own company, as well as educational series and courses, and a company culture that focuses on everyone's success. This story of myself is on the Digital Bloggers site that was made possible through them. They also provide support for marketers at every level. Very few companies worth the while can also make the start-up capital needed affordable as you go along, and allow for marketers to earn while they learn.

I still live in Florida but now I get to do what I passionately want to do: help others by showing them the bridge to a path to success, one that will work no matter the skill or financial level. This is a business that allows for the setting of your work hours, the setting of your wages, and time freedom that so many desire. If you can be described as a hard worker with dreams to prosper and you are ready to work and build your own legitimate online business, then I want to do what I did and sign up for free information that will allow access so one can see with their own eyes (see below). I want to give you well wishes for a life that you did not think was possible. Fulfill your Gravity Dreams.
THANK YOU - Dorr Totten

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