5 Key Tips to Successfully plan your next family or class destination reunion

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Did you get stuck planning your next family or class destination #reunion?

Key Tips to Successfully plan destination reunion

This could seem like a daunting task to you, especially if it's a large group, however, following these simple steps, you can make it a pleasant experience.

1: Start Planning Early. Although good family, class or group reunions can be pulled together in 6 months. Experience shows that for the best turnout and experience of those involved, you should start planning at least a year in advance, ideally 2. This gives everyone enough advance notice to make their best efforts and necessary arrangements to come. It also gives people time to approach the reunion in a financially smart way by saving towards it, a key tenant in our club philosophy that allows people to vacation sooner not only because of the great discounts they receive but also because of the simple compounding of the monthly habit of actually putting aside money for their #destinationvacation.

2.Select a date and STICK WITH IT. Poll all those invited to attend for months/ timeframes that work best for them and then offer two to three (maximum) specific date ranges for people to vote on and then stick with the date range that gets the majority vote. Again, you are doing this early on in the process so as to allow people to clearly plan what they need to do to make that date work be it that they voted for it or not.

3.Communicate Early and Often. You should consider doing at least a month email to all those who are attending the reunion with any updates and reminders as you progress to the dates. This keep your friends/ family excited about the vacation and clear about any progress made as well as things that they need to do to ensure they get the most out of the reunion.

4. Plan a trip that have activities for everyone. When choosing a destination, consider those who are going and or perhaps ask them what they where they would like to go and what they would like to see then try to choose a destination that has an activity that would interest all involved. With our dream trips, family and groups members always have a choice of activities to do as well as an onsite concierge free of charge to help them find and book other activities of interest on their free day where they can go out on their own. If you are planning a destination reunion for family, ensure you have activities and consider the layout and environment for the safety and fun of all ages.

5. Get Help. Why think you have to do it alone? At World Ventures, we regular work with families and groups to plan stunning vacations that can see the group having a great time and also saving money and avoiding stress. Getting help such as this allows you as an organizer to access the expertise of successful vacation planners to have the best reunion ever that your family and or friends will be raving about and thanking you for years to come. Also, with our membership, you can make a wonderful destination vacation very affordable for everyone with the discounted prices, average of 30% savings. Plus, by starting early, you can help family members to be easily disciplined in their savings so they can also have a stress free holiday knowing that everything is paid for and they avoided having the shocking credit card bill after the fact. To learn more about the services we offer to our members visit getpaidtotravelwell.worldventures.com or contact me for your free consultant and guide to successfully planning your next destination reunion.

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