9 Secrets To Attracting Money

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Letting Go to Create Flow

We all want more money in our lives or do we? On a subconscious level, some of us may be rejecting undefinedthis notion of wanting more money because of many factors on a subconscious level. One major factor is the different programmes we all have built within us. We can detach ourselves from these programmes and replace them with new ones and so installing a new mental climate.

I’ve always earned good money. I’ve never gone without and certainly never had millions. But why not the latter? Maybe in my programmes, I’ve been filled with the experience of just needing to earn 'enough' and just enough to be 'comfortable.' Is comfortable going to help me live an extraordinary life?

I’ve recently experienced a wonderful audiobook called the Secret to Attracting Money by Dr. Joe Vitale and I would say it is one of the most simple to follow and inspiring books that I have had the pleasure of listening to. This is a man who went from living on the streets to becoming a multi-millionaire. Largely due to the 'space' between his ears. His mind. The book is very practical, yet also spiritual. The blend of both struck a chord with me and I would encourage you to spend some time to listen to his words of wisdom.

Below is an extract from just one chapter of the book where Dr. Vitale talks about the 9 secrets to attracting money. Something that I have started to put into practice having recently reinvented myself in an alternative profession given this digital economy / world we now find ourselves within. I have taken the below examples directly from Dr. Vitale's book and tried to express his words as he explains it much better. Please forgive me Dr. Joe if I dilute your message, but I wanted to share an extract of this amazing book to encourage other to listen to / read your words of wisdom. I have added my own comments within certain sections based on my own experiences linked with these principles I am now using.  

1. Give money away - If you’re resistant to giving money away it’s a sign that there’s a blockage within you. This is linked to the fear of not enough to go around. I can relate to this currently working in a profession that pays me well but always having the feeling of worrying about money. When I stopped and thought about it I realised that I don’t actually give money away. I’m not a ‘tight’ person by any stretch of the imagination, but neither do I help myself to remove the blockages to attracting in more money. So, in Joe’s book, he talks about giving a dollar away here-and-there. Not just giving it to a person, but leaving it in various places like a book, a bench and so on so that someone will find it and have the thrill of finding money. I’ve started doing this and there is something really special I get from the thought of someone finding that money and wondering what they will put it towards. Okay, it won’t change their lives, but I imagine that they are a pound short of being able to get the bus or buy a coffee and in some small way I have helped them. I actually look forward to doing this and in an amazing transformation, I feel less stressed about money. I’ve learned to let go of the need for money taking over me.

2. Get clear - You need to go through a cleansing process in order to receive more money, e.g. take one of your current limiting beliefs about money. It could be something like ‘money is bad.’ Then ask yourself, ‘what's the positive benefit for believing that money is bad?’ You might realise that it is a protection mechanism for you from being hurt in some way. Then you write that down. Then ask, ‘what’s the positive benefit for that belief?’ It could be that you get to stay and play it safe. What’s the positive benefit to staying safe? It could be that you don’t get judged by other people. And so on until your finished sentence looks a little like this: ‘The belief that money is bad for me keeps me from feeling judged and keeps me safe.' The realisation of a toxic statement such as this will make you more aware that this limiting belief isn’t actually serving you. Once you realise this, these beliefs start to break away from your system. Dr. Vitale mentions that beliefs are software for the mind and form part of the programming that is getting you the results you’re getting right now in your life.

You can do this for any negative belief and upon realising these beliefs are not serving you, you are free to let them go and they probably will just disappear anyway.

3. Take action - If you have ideas to make money you need to be taking action upon them. Not acting on those ideas could signal that you are afraid. You could be afraid of failure or success. Money likes speed. How many of us have had what we believe is a great idea and don't act upon it only to see it on the shelves six months later? I’m a perfectionist and sometimes my perfectionism causes delay. I constantly remind myself that perfectionism is stagnation and that thought alone gets me into gear. So what if there’s a slight error? I’m human.

4. Support a cause - It could be something to support ending homelessness or helping children. Support something bigger than your own ego. When you only want money for you, your ego kicks in. You’ll shut down and only allow a certain amount of money into your life. When you support a cause you start to get out of your own mental limitations. You expand your ability to receive. Support a cause or even create one.

5. Get support - Coaching, a mastermind group or an accountability partner. I recently set up an accountability group via facebook with a friend of mine who introduced me to The SFM. We call it G.S.D Accountability Group. It’s a private members group for anyone who has goals they want to achieve within SFM. This is a supportive community to ensure that we Get Sh#t Done! If you want true success, help other people and let others help you. It helps in achieving results.

6. Be grateful - Sounds simple and it is. Each morning you rise up from your bed or open your eyes, be thankful. It could be for your wonderful partner, your family, your education, your friends, the running water in your home… Anything! This is a very magical, psychological and spiritual principle. When you are grateful for the things that are in your life, in this moment, you start to attract more things into your life to be grateful for. This could be money or it could be opportunities that lead to money or even an idea that comes into your head that sparks the start of something great. When you focus on genuine gratitude you attract more of the positive things into your life because you no longer ‘have’ to make it happen. When you’re grateful in that moment you let go of the desperation and ‘need’ for things in your life and begin to vibrate on a different frequency which will attract good things. It’s about letting go. So, practice being grateful each morning after you rise and not only experience the positive feelings it creates, but the wonderful things that happen in your life as a result of it.

7. Do what you love - Follow your bliss, follow your passion and what you are interested in. The money will follow you with ease.

8. Elevate your thinking - Einstein said, ‘you can’t solve the problems you have with the same mentality that created them.’ Wow! How insightful was he??? Change your thinking…. There are a few stages to this, but Dr. Vitale mentions the following two stages: 1. victimhood and 2. empowerment. When you leave victimhood behind and move into empowerment, you start to elevate your thinking. Victims don’t think they can change their lives or have more money, but people who are empowered do. When you move into the second stage of awakening and start to ask yourself, ‘how can I solve these problems?’ or ‘how can I bring more money into my life?’ you start to ask different questions and start to get different results. You move from a place of no control to a place of being in charge of your thoughts and what you attract into your life. Anyone can play the victim. It’s easy. You need to elevate your thinking to see a wider perspective and other possibilities. Then you see that money can come to you in many ways.

9. Learn to see problems as opportunities - For example, wherever you spot a problem there’s a money-making opportunity. Elevating your thinking will help you realise this and solve those problem generating income in a way you may never have thought possible had you not elevated your thoughts. Solving problems equals money!

Add all of these 9 steps together and you have a strategy for attracting money.

Thank you Dr. Joe Vitale. I am grateful for coming across your book and the insight you have provided me (Principle 6)

By Richard Kennedy

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