How to escape the Sunday night dread once and for all

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Picture the scene. It’s around 9pm on a Sunday night. You’re sat on the sofa, watching TV and trying to keep your mind off the all too familiar prospect of going back to work in the morning. The dreaded 9 to 5.

Maybe you’re busy tackling a mountain of ironing, frantically going through shirts and trousers late into the night, telling yourself again and again that you’ll be more organised next week. “I’ll get this done earlier in the day so I don’t stay up late ironing and starting the week already tired”.

I’m guessing that at least one of these scenarios seem familiar to you, as it does me.  I spent years spending Sunday nights physically and mentally getting ready to go back to work. I always had the gradual feeling of dread creeping up on me before I knew it. I felt cheated out of that most special thing ‘a weekend evening’ as my thoughts drifted back onto the coming work tasks, instead of enjoying time with my family and friends.

The majority of us put up with this eternal work life cycle of constant highs and lows. We look forward to Friday nights, dread Sunday nights and spend the whole working week subtly counting down the days until the weekend again.

But is doesn’t need to be this way.  You can do something you love.

I ask myself why doesn't more people do something about it then? I can hear you say “Well if you hate your job why not go get another one…?!” Unfortunately even if you did get another job, the chances are you will end up with the same feeling of dread eventually. Working for a pay check that doesn't fairly represent the value of your time, will inevitably leave you feeling resentfull and demotivated.

Breaking Free

Deciding to leave an unfulfilling job and actually following through with it, can be an exciting and nerve racking time.  It usually goes like this. You’ve handed in your notice and you’re feeling amazing. Most people will have secured further employment before making the leap and some wont have. Some brave souls have even decided to make it out on their own instead. The euphoria quickly turns into a realisation thats its on you now to make your next step a success.

For the people who decided to follow their dreams of starting their own business it can be even more nerve wracking but extremely exciting. After all if Richard Branson can do it and make it look easy while travelling the world in hot air balloons, how hard can it be, right?

We’ll I’m here to tell you that its no walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong. Starting your own business and driving it into a success can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You should bare in mind that with your new flexibility to do what you want, when and where you want, comes a lot of hard work and no guarantees. Its not for everyone. Just be sure it’s for you and make sure to realise that you ARE your business. No one will ever care about it a tenth as much as you do.

Luckily there is so much help around online and in the real world to help budding entrepreneurs just starting out. It has never been easier to start your own company as it is today. Just make sure your getting help from a reliable source. With the right mentors, advisors and information, you can make your business a success and hopefully avoid the pitfalls which so many fall into.

If I can give you just one tip, it would be this.

Getting the right advice is critical to any new business and you should spend enough time researching your options before anything else.

And it was no different for me.  I wasn’t an accountant when I started in business and I had to start somewhere. I made more mistakes that I’d care to remember along the way too. Without the support and advice I received from my mentors when starting my business, I would have been lost if not bankrupt after a few months.  

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