You Got What It Takes to Be a Millionaire

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Hey Efrain Here, :)

Yesterday I asked you a question, the answer might have annoyed you, perhaps it made you feel bad, guilty or it was simply a wakeup call to your reality and the fact your goal is possible. If You didn’t read yesterday’s message click here and see it for yourself.

Before we go ahead with today’s message, I just wanted to let you know that… You got what it takes. I may not know you, know your weaknesses or strengths but I am sure of one thing, you are unique therefore you possess many things that only you can offer, nobody else in the world can offer these things the way you can, you are the best in the world at being YOU. Stop complaining about your situation or feeling sorry for yourself and recognise how valuable you are, but most importantly recognise that your selfishness and reluctance to share your gifts to the world is not depriving you of achieving the things you want but it is depriving the world of you. Is not about you anymore but what you can leave her on earth after you have passed. We have all heard the saying of ‘The richest place on earth, is not down in the gold mines, or in land filled with oil, none of them… the richest place on earth is the graveyard.’ There, are the hits never sang, the best seller books never written, the best speakers never heard, the cures to diseases never shared and millions of brilliant ideas never conceived. Tony Robbins has always said ‘If you died today, what talents, what ideas, would die with you?’ All you need to learn to do is Unleash Your Talent and embrace fear… Easier said than done, right?

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There is probably only one thing holding you back from unleashing all your talents and going after the goals that you are hungry for. Lack of believe. You probably didn’t even believe me when I told you that you can achieve your dreams and goals, your scepticism got in the way, and that’s fine, if you are not living your dream right now it means that you have been thinking and believing things that have held you back for years. So why not try something different, think about it if you haven’t yet achieved your goals with the mindset and believes you have right now, it means that you have the incorrect mindset, if you had the correct one you would be there right? Good news is now you know, meaning is time to approach your mindset differently. Therefore, you must be open minded and nearly be not you when reading new concepts.

When we form concepts, believes, mindsets etc... and live by them for a long time it becomes habitual, automatic. We no longer need to think about them we just operate by them, so when we try and change them out brain does what it is hard wired to do and alerts when unknown behaviours are being formed. Les Brown once said that this is the mere reason ‘people rather stay in known hells than go to unknown heavens’. Yes, I know the guy is a genius! 😊 So, read that a couple of times, write it somewhere and every time you feel like you want to do something but it may feel uncomfortable, read it, and act. To achieve your dreams, you must develop yourself to the version that can achieve such things, if you haven’t, is simply because you are not ready, not prepared enough, so keep preparing yourself, learn new things, understand new concepts, change your mindset and build a stronger one, push your known boundaries, but most importantly don’t fear failure and fail your way to success.

Discover how to unleash your entrepreneurial self.

This is taught by the greatest entrepreneurs in the modern era, and you know learning from those who have already done what we are trying to achieve only makes sense.

Stay focused.

Efrain Herrera.  

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