A Simple Process To Release The Past And Heal Your Money Wounds

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Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying, until you feel the weight of its release.

In this blessed path of prosperity that I have designed for myself literally from scratch, I get to work with and serve some amazing people. Almost all my clients are highly educated, ambitious and very driven individuals. These are people who’ve created significant levels of success during their lifetime yet always struggled with a sense of “there’s got to be more than this!”

A common pattern I have found with successful individuals seeking greater time and freedom is this deep sense that something is holding them back from fully manifesting a life they truly love. A lifestyle where financial prosperity is the norm and loving, passionate relationships just flow naturally.

Surprisingly, when an individual comes to me it’s because they are convinced a limiting belief or lack of right knowledge is the reason behind their stunted progress. That their desired outcome, especially in the realm of finances and love is due to some missing element. 

What unfolds during our deep sessions is often a shock as they discover that in essence, most ambitious, hard-working individuals are being held back by past pain, hurts and emotional bondage.

I know we’ve all had experiences in the past that led to great sorrow, heartache and a sense of loss. But do you know what carrying that burden either consciously or unconsciously does your current goals?

When we hold on to the wounds and hurts of the past, we begin to accumulate emotional baggage.

Take a moment now to be present within yourself and notice if there’s any dead weight of an old experience still lingering around. It could be from a relationship, a memory from childhood, an experience around money or a combination of several experiences. What old stories are still alive and active in you that actually keep you in prison preventing you from moving forward toward your desires?

Freeing yourself from this emotional bondage is vital because dwelling in the past keeps you from actively participating in the present, which is the only place where you can experience love, prosperity, fulfillment and miracles.

Further more, emotional bondage will keep you stuck in the reality that you don’t want and in case you don’t have a clear understanding of the power of emotions in the process of manifesting results, this resource will prove quite useful.


Are you bold enough to face your pain?

I started taking care of my family when I was a child. I learned to survive and dominate the wild streets of an African slum so I considered myself pretty brave. Affection and love were not ideas I had ever encountered so naturally, falling in love was one of the scariest and most conflicting experiences ever. And to be honest, I totally sucked at it but that’s a fairy tale for another day!

The point to note here is that despite the fact that I was quite brave in fighting for survival, owning up to my emotions was really tough. That goes for both the good emotions that came about as a result of falling in love as well as the awful, pain-filled emotions that had been my normal way of life.

Many of us are hesitant and afraid to really open up and take a look at what’s going on within. It isn’t about getting into a battlefield and you don’t have to brace yourself for a second round of hurt. All these beliefs we go by that justify why we should neglect working on our old wounds are simply fear-based beliefs.

Healing is essential in your consciousness if you are going to manifest a more prosperous lifestyle. It won’t happen by default and doing all the work on the outside won’t be enough to produce the financial breakthrough if you’re not willing to balance it with some inner work.

If you would like a deeper conversation as to how you can discover, uncover and discard the old emotional attachments to money that no longer serve you, I encourage you to connect with me or find someone you can trust who can guide you through the process. But I won’t leave you without a little pointer in the right direction.

Take these as the first baby steps toward that release from past stories that only block your current good.

❁ With your eyes closed, bring to mind an emotional experience around financial prosperity that brings you discomfort. See the circumstances vividly in your mind. The feeling could revolve around loss or failure. It could be what your parents did or said, a business partner who screwed you or the deep poverty you experienced.

Don’t be general with this. Get very specific. You are recalling what’s called an emotional trigger. If you find this memory too disturbing, stop, open your eyes and take deep breathes. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. When you feel calm again, close your eyes and keep going.

❁ Notice where in your body this emotional memory has set camp. There’s always a spot in your body where you’ll feel it. For me, the topic of money always produced a sharp pain in my left arm around the shoulder blades. It also produced tightness around my abdomen. Talk about having a chronic financial disease!

Many of us experience disturbing emotions around money. These are expressed in the form of tightness, stiffness, discomfort or even pain around the stomach or heart. Be open enough and sensitive to where yours is occurring. If you can’t notice anything, relax, breath and tune in more deeply into your body.

On rare occasions, some might start off feeling numb, as was the case when I first did this exercise, which is a sign of deep emotion that has been tied to fear. But if you keep doing this exercise eventually you will feel something. Everyone can feel!

❁ Now do your best to name that emotion and sensation. As Dr. Dan Siegel says, name it to tame it! It’s amazing how many of us never take the time to label the emotions we experience. “I feel bad” or “ I’m not having a good day” is not an emotion. And this won’t be sufficient if you want to become master over your mind and emotions.

You need to get more specific. The more specific you get, the more you can release the emotional baggage that’s weighing your dreams down. So take your time and tell yourself exactly what you’re feeling.

To help you in this, here are some of the most common painful emotions around money and prosperity.



⟢Anxiety, worry, apprehension, fear


⟢Anger, hostility, rage

⟢Envy, jealousy


⟢Sadness, grief, sorrow




❁ Now it’s time to express that painful experience. Take a pen and paper and handwrite what happened. Put down in detail what happened, how you felt, what other people did and how you reacted afterward.

When you feel satisfied that you’ve expressed what the whole thing was about, take a new piece of paper and script the entire incident from the perspective of another. If possible, take the perspective of the money, or the person whom you consider at fault in that experience. This part is harder than writing the incident from our point of view but simply stick with it. This will become the starting point of your newly found freedom from that past pain.

When done with the second part of this exercise, take a third sheet of paper but this time script the same incident as a journalist or newspaper reporter would. Do it in third person perspective. How would an objective observer describe the incident in question?

Give details as objectively and evenhandedly as you can. This step takes quite a bit of time but people enjoy it very much. It opens up the discovery that one need not be trapped in their own point of view. It makes you realize that you can actually call upon other voices in your head, a new set of eyes and experience greater detachment. It is quite liberating!

What comes next?

....If you can get yourself to this point, then all you need is a little extra support to create a release ritual that helps you fully overcome that old state.

Sharing that experience with the right person who can support you and help you replace the old beliefs with news ones is all you need. Of ocurse you can try working on your limiting beliefs alone but most of us have realised it's easier to find a prayer partner, guide, coach or mentor who can help you shorten the time-frame needed to uncover your blindspots. So I do encourage you to open up, let in some help invest in your growth and you’ll soon be celebrating the floodgates of prosperity that want to come overflowing into your world.

Now it’s your turn to share your insights or discovery on how past emotional baggage could be affecting your current goals. Let's continue this conversation or come tweet me some love!


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