Blind, But Now I See

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So the journey to make £1 million continues and an encouraging first three months of trading puts me on course to hit my target for the year.

I'm concerned about June, with the UK elections on the 8th. At least we'll get it out of the way early in the month.

All I can predict (and it can be foolish trying to predict how the overall markets will react) is a potential for some big drops in the market if we get anything other than a Conservative win. So the markets will be edgy this week I imagine.

All the terrible events in Manchester and London break my heart. I'm a Londoner and I'm extremely proud of this great city. The people of London are amazing. I've run the London Marathon before and the amount of people that volunteer to help on the sidelines and just turn up to cheer everyone on is inspiring. They got me to the finish line.

Londoners have a spirit about them and it's vital that we all stick together now. Whatever age, whatever race and religion. We all need to show our resolve and show these cowards who we are.

Cowards who run into innocent people just going about their day, arming themselves with knives and bombs to attack unsuspecting children. Do they really think they're going to win? London has dealt with this before and we will do so again. The wound is still very raw. 

£1 Million Challenge Update

As mentioned, I've just completed my third month of trading and my total stands at £3,253.07.

My target for the year is £14,000. I'm looking to make 35% on my original pot of £40,000.

My other challenge is to create income working from home so that I can continue building my share account each year with a final target of over £1 million.

You can visit my £1 million Challenge page for more info and also my Make Money page, where I list fantastic ways to create a multiple income stream from home. This list will hopefully build throughout the year.

This month I've made some profits trading companies such as Pendragon, Epwin, Petra Diamonds, Centamin Egypt, United Carpets Group, Pan African Resources and Communisis. My only loss this month was selling Hogg Robinson at a deficit of £34. They had okish results, but the market didn't seem too keen and I thought there could be a drop so I got out (If in doubt get out is my motto!) Since then they've held around the price I sold at and their directors are starting to pick up shares in the company which is a good sign. I'll keep an eye on them, but I'll most likely hold back until after the election and see what happens from there.

Colourblind Glasses

It's my birthday later this month and my wife bought me an early birthday present.

I'm colourblind and have trouble distinguishing between a lot of colours. I always kept quiet about it in everyday life as I've always been a little embarrassed about it, plus as soon as anyone finds out they instantly start testing you on every colour in the room.

I thought that grass was orange until the age of four.

So my wife bought me a pair of colourblind glasses which are supposed to show everything correctly. 

I've seen lots of videos on Facebook of people trying them on for the first time. Older people, kids and they all start crying as soon as they put them on. My wife showed me one video last year and I assured her I would never cry. I'm not a big cryer. My wife jokes that I'm dead inside. I promise you I'm not. I'm actually quite sensitive, but my emotions hardly ever seem to reach my eye sockets.

So I walked out into the garden and was handed a little case. My wife had her phone at the ready.

I knew instantly what was happening. I knew I was being filmed with the hope that I would break down with Oscar acceptance speech type emotion.

I opened the case, took out the glasses and put them on. It was very weird. I had to keep looking over the glasses to see if there was any difference. It was like there was something different, but it was very subtle. The only things that stood out were my little boy's T-shirt which was red. It really stood out. The grass still looked orange, but the colour stood out. My wife's shoes, which I'd always thought of as grey suddenly looked a vibrant pink. 

I didn't cry. I told you I'm not a cryer. I felt bad. I knew my wife had paid a lot of money and I knew she wanted tears. Should I have faked it?

I've since taken the colourblind test on the website of the makers, Enchroma.

I've been told that I am a moderate protan. I have trouble distinguishing between greens, yellows, oranges, reds and browns. Plus I also have difficulty with blues, purples, pinks and greys. In technical terms my eyes are screwed. The change with the glasses is very subtle for my condition and takes a few days to really start to see a difference, so maybe the ones that cried saw something unbelievably different. 

I'll put them on whenever I'm in the garden or taking my boy out for a walk. I look a bit crazy with them on, just looking at everything. I really stop to look at flowers at the moment, the colours are vibrant and stand out. They're great to try out but I don't think I'm cured.

Thanks for reading.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you stay safe.



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