How do you practise MAKING MONEY?

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Do you know what practising is?
Have you ever done proper practising..or did you mostly practise not practise?
(Like 90 % of my piano students does..!)
I love practising. And I love the concept of practising!
But what is it?

And can you practise MAKING MONEY?

The short answer is yes.
The long answer is:
Everything that is able to be repeated can be practised to some kind of perfection. But you need to figure out

what it is that is going to get the results.

You could repeat blinking your eyes but it doesn't make much sense repeating it to become adept at it.
And this was a very stupid example :)
Or maybe you have some eye blinking party trick up your sleeve?
A better example is when recitating poetry for instance you read the words, learn them by heart and then do the performance. Quite simple. But every step of the way takes REPETITION to be executed.
If you want to read more on the subject of repetition, check out this post: Here's What Practicing Does to Your Brain (and How to Do It Right)

But money is a bit different than arts.

Arts we understand. Or at least we think we do :)
What can be practised regarding money then? 
What is able to be repeated many times, so it can be practised?
Before I venture into that domain I want to share a few things that DID NOT work that well for me. 
In this blog post, 10 Things to Know About Money Before You're 30, there are two things that I really went off target with until very recently.
And I turn 32 this year.
You need emergency savings—no ifs, ands, or buts
I burned all my savings in my early 20s. I had roughly 15k$ on my account to start with. All gone when I turned 30. And why?
Debt is surmountable—if you don’t ignore it. 
I didn't BELIEVE I could handle a debt! To me it felt like too big a RISK having a debt. In fact, I thought the WORST thing that could happen to me financially was to be in debt. Nowadays I think differentyly. A debt that is surmountable can be a very good way to leverage opportunities otherwise out of reach! My most recent reason to put myself in debt was to buy this beauty!
Totally worth every fricken penny. I definitely feel leveraged playing this one :)

To me, there are TWO things money-wise

that can be practised in a very straight forward and easy manner.
1. SAVING money! You decide to put a certain amount away for savings and you repeat it. After a while you get REALLY good at it! And you practise the most when you RESIST using the money. Or as money MAESTRO Tony Robbins puts it, "Spend less than you earn..."
2. Create new BELIEFS around money! To me, this is the most important one! The continuation of the Robbins wording is: "...and invest the difference." But being able to actually invest money in ANYTHING takes a certain mindset, a RISKY mindset.
The best practise on mindset-work regarding money that I've come across is called Cybernetic Transposition. It breaks down mindset to three steps:
- Create and write down a target that is desireable to you.
- Read this target aloud 100 times in a row and change the target if you feel it needs to be done.
- Watch your mind as it wants to interfere. This is where the TRUE practice happens!
I hope you've found some value from all of this!
I'd also like to encourage all of you who REALLY want to get into a new mindset regarding money, lifestyle and business to check out these guys. Have a listen to what they've got to say in the video series they can send to you. You won't regret it! They know their stuff and they are the ones who have made me realize the huge potential that comes with creating new believes for myself concerning money!
But it's not up to me wether you want to keep believing the things you do now. But if you do, you won't see anything new coming in to your life anytime soon! You have to believe it, to see it!
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