Courage in the face of Fear

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  • Do you have the courage in the face of fear?
  • Is your reality what you fear?
  • How can you build your long lost dreams against all your fears?


The reality is when your heart is full of fear you express fear in words and emotion. It goes something like this: "I can't do it!" "That is impossible!" We become emotional and back our fears with our emotion, refusing to accomplish our dreams.

If you have children, it is amaizing to see our children express our very fears we impose on them.

Courage says, "yes, I do feel fearful, but I will persist anyway." Ultimately fear then starts to dissipate.

In order to think different, we must speak different. We express to our children "Say it like you mean it!" Well the same applies to us.

Your dreams might be hindered by what you say, "I don't have the time," or "I don't have the money." So we give up on our dreams and allow our dreams to die.

What is your dream?

  • Is your dream to have more quality time that you can spend with your loved ones?
  • Is your dream financial freedom?
  • Maybe you want to run an online business that gives you freedom to travel?
  • Possibly give to those in need around you?

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"The height of insanity is doing the same things & expecting different results"

You have the power to change the result by doing things differently.

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