Dan Lok`s F.U. Money Book Review

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This whole concept of F.U. Money is a little bit obscure for most people... you probably don`t even know what it means, it sounds confusing, doesn`t it?

And as you`re thinking about it... no, it`s not in the dictionary. Let me just give you a brief introduction of the author before telling you what it means. Dan Lok is the man who wrote the book, he`s a trusted mentor for top achievers and experts, with participation in 21 companies and multiple best selling books. On top of all that he`s also the highest paid consultant in the world.

Now, Dan describes F.U. Money as any amount of money allowing the infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone. That`s it.

It can also be summarized simply as living your life on your own terms, according to your possibilities, not limitations.
Notice... possibilities!

Many people struggle to get by because they`re too focused on their limitations. Society is filled with crybabies, yes I said it - people that don`t take responsibilities and blame others for their failures.
Look, if this message is sounding a bit harsh, you definitely need to keep reading.

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Dan doesn`t like to sugarcoat anything and neither do I. That`s one of the characteristics I love about him... he cares about you without caring about what you think.

The book is overfilled with profanity, typical of Dan "The Man" Lok. Come on, can`t you notice? It starts with the fucking title!

The amount of money you make is closely related to your self-image.

Dan Lok

Dan says it all - hey if you want to make your F.U. Money, make it as soon as possible. Life is short, no doubt about it but you know what, it can be so freaking long when you`re stuck with old beliefs, your marriage is failing, you`re overweight and trapped in a job you hate just having enough to get by.

One of the reasons why this book is so controversial is that it really opens people`s eyes to what society teaches you about money. It screws up with your mind.
Don`t be surprised to stop in the middle of the reading, asking yourself: "ok, so where in the world have I been all my life?"
Dan dives deep into the money myths that limit some many people from achieving their goals.

See if this sound familiar to you: "money can`t buy happiness, rich people are a bunch of greedy bastards, money will change you, it is the root of all evil, save for a rainy day, you need to get lucky to be rich" and the infamous "a penny saved is a penny earned..." - man, I can`t even go on with this anymore!

Come on, admit it... you heard some of these before. Or even all of them. You have been convinced to put your money in the bank, find a good job, work up the ladder and retire at 65 with a nest egg to supposedly enjoy life.

If this was the message your parents, teachers or the news gave you, then, you`ve probably been brainwashed.

The book demystifies all these false beliefs about money and makes you unwind that "backward thinking" in a simple and clear manner. No sugarcoating, straight to the point and to your face!


Imagine what it would be like if you could say what you want, do what you want and buy what you want? That`s true freedom, right there, isn`t it?

Look, there`s no shortage of exercises or assignments, for you to discover how much your ideal lifestyle will cost, how to properly set goals and actually achieve them, what are the beliefs you have about money and how to fix them, how to effectively use your time and much more good stuff.

Did I already mention that this book is not for the touchy-feely?

Dan really emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset as you walk the road to freedom, to your F.U. Money, essentially.
Just picture a tree that has rotten fruits all over the place and you look at it, desperate, without knowing what to do. You use fertilizers, you give the tree water 5 times a day and it still keeps giving bad fruit.

You even cut out a branch or two to see if it comes back to life but the damn tree continues to give you horrible fruits.

Believe it not, this how most people live their lives. First, it`s a book, then it`s a seminar, then a course or program and nothing seems to work for them.

They`re trying to cut out a branch, hoping that a miracle happens when the solution is to cut the fucking tree down. No permanent change happens without changing the roots, in this case, your mindset.

This book is really good at exploring those hidden blind spots in your mindset and helping you shift your thinking so that you become aware that you have the potential to create a better version of yourself and live the life you want.

You can`t be of any value to others until you first value yourself.

Dan Lok

Probably the biggest lesson from the many I got out of this book was that you can definitely make as much money as you damn want but that`s only one part of the equation. Let me explain...

Have you ever seen a wall street guy making a shit load of money but living unhappy, with his marriage falling apart and the kids hating on him?

The dude forgot about the second part: live your life as you damn well please! Dan explains that it`s not about how much money you make, is about how you make the money.

Do you want to make it joyfully and knowing that you`re actually helping people or through something you hate and don`t even feel good about?

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Dan experienced that in first hand when he made his fortune in the early years on the internet.
He made a bunch of money but felt like something was missing... of course, Dan was meant to be an entrepreneur so being retired on the beach and watching movies all day wouldn`t fulfill his mission and purpose for life.

From the first sale online to retiring and realizing that he was meant to have a bigger impact on the world and not just being another dude with a fat bank account, Dan explains to you what the "overnight success" really looked like!


This book is also designed for those who are in business or want to get themselves into business. One of the things I realized from him is that he is a gold mine when it comes to knowledge.

I deeply believe that this is one of the best business books out there, it will definitely expand your mind and shred some of the limiting beliefs you probably have around money and success.

Hopefully, you got some powerful insights about what to expect from the book once you get it.
I`ll leave you with this one... as Dan says implementation beats meditation.
So, do yourself a favor once you read the book... don`t be a spectator, take action on what you`ve learned and go out there and make your F.U. Money!

Hey, by way, let me know when you`re making as much money as you damn want and living your life as you damn well please.

Much success,

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