Dr's. Orders

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I needed a Second Opinion.

At this point the initial consultation with a family doctor had gone by the wayside, except for follow ups recommended by specialists and for insurance purposes.  This first one came highly recommended from one of my peers, documentation, a reputation and other specialists, they have each others back.  It didn't take him long to tell my condition wasn't favorable for any type of conditioning other than the time game, speaking of Dr.'s, the lifestyle I lead today using only a laptop and an internet connection would have been the perfect option for him, if i'd only known about The Six Figure Mentors then.  Anyway, as frustrating as it was to hear his diagnosis of a compression fracture laden back bone, I knew second opinions were in my future.  After this guy, I found another medical professional to assess my situation who then told me I needed to get on a pharmaceutical strength based medication for bone health right away or I would suffer the consequences even more so than I was by not taking this side effect riddled drug.  I didn't take him up on the offer for the contemplation of losing my teeth, lowered immune system and possibly growing a glow in the dark tail with cantilever capabilities while trying to maintain some sort of normalcy in my life.  I just wanted my life back, not increase my chance of being disfigured by taking toxic drugs and not to the point of exactly where I was before all this started, at a job.

On with Treatment.

Life wasn't all that bad even though I was broken and insecure.  I was enjoying being off work waking up late and enjoying coffee on the patio with blinding warm sunshine while my colleagues were grinding away at work doing my job for me, making sure those insurance premiums stayed up to date so I could get paid every week for not doing anything.  Supplements were in my diet for an indefinite amount of time while being fitted for what I liked to call a turtle shell for a back brace.  They molded me from the arm pits down to my waist line with a two piece nylon shell held together with Velcro and button snaps to wear, helping with my rehabilitation.  I was so broken and in pain I didn't care what I looked like, even if it meant avoiding shallow ponds during mating season.  I looked like a ninja turtle minus the two eyed blind.  It wasn't a bad piece of equipment to lug around, it kept my back in tact and helped my overall posture, except when the insurance company stuck me with a bill exceeding 3k, that affected my posture in a bendy way.

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