Facing Redundancy: What's next?

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Over 75,000 people have faced redundancy in the Aberdeen area, the UK since 2015. The Oil&Gas Industry is going through a tough crisis and some people I know never thought they would have been affected this much when losing a job.

Facing redundancy can be a very frustrating time for many, different fears invade you and you feel that you are falling down the cliff; as redundancy takes you by surprise, you want to have an immediate solution and it is impossible. Accepting that you have lost your job because of a financial crisis in the industry is not the only tough path you will be going through but also finding a new job is easier said than done. It may be even harder to go through this situation when you want to return to work after finishing maternity leave. When you think you need more than ever your income, well, your position is no longer in the company, and there is no other vacancy for you, only accept redundancy.

However, as the days and months pass, as your mind stabilises and you think clearly again, you begin to remember how you used to feel when you worked full time, what thoughts you had, what undefinedemotions you felt; you remember how powerless  you used to feel when being stuck in traffic that takes you twice as long to get home after a hard day's work. Consequently, you realise that Facing Redundancy was not that bad!

Moreover, what you thought about the time, returns to your mind. The time you invest day by day in working for others and earn a minimum wage, while the companies make their fortune with their responsible and dedicated employees. I know, it's how it works, but when working as employees, we agreed on this. Time and effort, when you strive to get your tasks done in a timely manner because you are organised, capable, collaborative, efficient, honest, competent and problem solver, and you want to finish your week with compliant duties. I will not leave aside the issue of relationships in the working areas. There are amazing relationships as well as bad ones, and we are usually aware of the most difficult ones more than good relationships.

As a result, we have many reasons why working full time is very hard, although I know that some of you do not see it this way. You would say, "I'm fine, I'm happy in my job, I love what I do that's why I have a degree" and I find it quite reasonable but also you are excited when Fridays arrive aren't you? And you hate Monday in an inexplicable way. You never wondered why? Why do you wish so much the arrival of the weekend? If you are doing what you love why do you want so much that the week ends fast? And if you work on weekends? It's even harder. Are you living as you really want to live? Are you spending enough time with your families and friends? Do you have enough time for your children? Do you dedicate time to your hobbies, you dreams, your yearnings? Is this the lifestyle you want for yourself? Have you ever considered it? I have done it and I know exactly what I want for myself. It is not this way of life at all.

Some months ago I began to consider a change in my working life. Thought that an own business would be hard work but still would be mine, I would earn my own money and a larger income would come into my life. I started searching for information and found an opportunity that really attracted me. I am training myself to work in Affiliate Marketing, that means a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.undefined An example of affiliate marketing is Amazon which "connects" buyers with sellers and gets commissions. This online business gives me the chance to work from home, fewer hours than I used to work and earning high commissions. This training program is quite complete, it has everything I need to learn how to build my own business online.

Finally facing redundancy has not been the easiest at the beginning but in the end, the results have been brilliant! "Every cloud has a silver lining". Sometimes life puts you in limited situations so as for you to see you are able to overcome any obstacle as long as you intend to and work on it.

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