Giving Back, Before Moving Forward

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In April of this year I was afforded the opportunity to help the people of St. Croix that had endured two Category 5 Hurricanes last year. I jumped at the chance to give back before I moved forward with other business plans. Help the Cruzans rebuild from the devastation has been a rewarding experience as well as a cultural adventure. After retiring in January of 2017 this experience for the past ten weeks has allowed me to truly understand the importance of my my wife and two children in defining me as a person. Sacrificing personal time with my family to help other families put their lives back together is humbling and a blessing in itself. 

If given the opportunity to "Give Back, Before Moving Forward" I challenge you to step thru that door an experience the personal changes for yourself. 

Live Life to the Fullest!

Paul Sanford

"TheBeach Bum Trader"

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