How reading changed my life

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All through elementary, high school, and university I hated reading.I read some small comics here and

there but was never interested in reading novels.

I watched movies for hours at a time but would hate the idea of sitting down for 10 minutes undefined

and reading a couple of pages. 

Throughout highschool I never thought it was necessary.

I became very good at getting as much information from as little as possible and figuring out the rest.

Even my physics teacher told me: “If you read the first and last sentence of a paragraph you can get the

gist out of whatever they’re trying to say”.

Never had I been more accustomed to being lazy. I never had the realization that I was robbing myself

of the most amazing stories. I was cutting myself short of the capability to imagine settings, to imagine

characters and their behaviour.

There is an underlying problem in the youth of today. Very few are used to sitting down for long periods

on end and just reading.

Most people are content with scanning and barely working their brain.


Many different apps like vine, instagram,

facebook have accustomed people to have a short attention

span. You look at a blog for a couple of seconds and switch

on to the next.

We fail to realize that we’re robbing ourselves of an extremely important skill. The skill to imagine, to undefined

be creative.

It took my father months to convince me to pick up Rich Dad Poor Dad

but once I finally decided to read it, it changed my life for the better. 

undefinedI began to absorb information that would serve me for the rest of

my life.

Every single aspect of a book can be used to aid your financial


You want to be successful? Read. You want to know how things work? Read. Reading is the most vital

part for progress in your life.

It teaches you to be consistent, to be determined, to imagine a world outside of what you’re

accustomed to. In the world of marketing/business, stepping out of your comfort zone is an extremely

useful quality that can change your life for the better.

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