how to increase your financial thermostat

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How to increase your financial thermostat


Now any one reading this might be thinking what’s she on about today ….

But what I have been doing with my study this week is mind blowing so please read on to the end as it will (well hopefully) change your way of thinking …

As I have been learning all about financial thermostat for at least six months now but didn’t seem to get it … yes, I knew what it was, but I guess I thought I didn’t have one (like I’m special or iv got my shit sorted)

But last week after doing a new learning zoom the penny finely dropped.

So hopefully I can explain it well enough today that you get that aaaaaha moment as well


Like attracts like we all know this … it’s the universal law right, so in Business we must think about marketing in the same way ….

If you market with a cheap budget that’s because you don’t believe in yourself or your product …

Or you are hoping to attract budget clients

But if you increase your quality output in all aspects you will increase the quality of who you attract!


  Some very common beliefs surrounding money are: “money is evil”, “having abundance means you are a greedy person”, “money and spirituality do not mix”, “those who have money received it by cheating others”, “you must work hard for your money”, “there is never enough to go around”.  These are just a few of the beliefs we commonly see.  There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of money and it is our intention to share with you our perspective in hopes of “dispelling” some of these limiting beliefs.



 Money & energy


Like all thing money = energy …

Unhappy rich people are the rich that Huard their money … not giving back just taking

As we know helping others always comes back to you in a positive way … helping others sends out the good vibes to the universe

As vibes are energy & energy is flow

So, if money = energy and its not flowing then the energy will be bad & negative

 lets look at energy what is it how does it work

If we look at the view everything = energy; plants, people, the air, water …. You get the point

Energy: the strength & vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity (dictionary meaning)

 positive energy compared to negative energy

If you play happy music to one plant (positive energy) it will grow stronger & healthier we all know this & if we play bad music to a plant it will be weak & possible die

Now think for just a second if money = energy & we put those same principles in place & send our money good energy, use it for good, … then the energy that that money brings back will be good & will grow healthy & strong = more money right

So, we need to let this energy flow (energy being money)


Which in turn increases your financial thermostat as you are no longer hoarding the energy your letting it flow as your thermostat goes on how you use your energy / use your money


So now let’s look at how much you would spend on an advertisement for your business?

 is we look at money through these new thoughts


I like the saying

 when you raise your game, you raise your beliefs, you raise your energy, you raise your thermostat


Is the penny dropping yet?

Let’s say it like this

$25000 course verses a free app


-        Who would buy the $25000

-        Who would they influence

-        Who would they attract

 Now free app

-        Who would this attract

-        Who would they attract

-        Who would they influence

When you start to attract the right people, your business will grow as these people will have the positive energy’s you are looking for, they in turn will attract more good energy people & your energy flow will keep increasing

And having all this positive energy in one place will change the world into an amazing place!


But it all depends on you and your financial thermostat your beliefs,

 so once you know what your true message is & you truly believe in yourself & your product just let that energy flow knowing it will flow back to you in healthy more abundant way & they more your energy grows the more you will grow along with it


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