KaizenTranscend™: The Cancer Of The Wallet

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Cancer of the wallet is the condition in which not having enough medium of exchange (store of value) in the wallet affects everything in our lives that requires a medium of exchange (store of value).

In the modern world, the common forms of the store of value include money, currency, or commodity. Money is the most common store of value or medium of exchange which allows anyone who has it to freely participate equally in the exchange of goods and services in the market. Not having money means………….hmmmm…….….you got it. Thank you.


Some doctors now say that “one of the main problems they see today is the stress caused by working hard and never having enough money.”(Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow quadrant p.42). One doctor says that the biggest cause of health disorders is something she calls “Cancer of the wallet.” What? Yes, the cancer of the wallet.To understand the effects of the cancer of the wallet in our lives, we need to understand what money can do. What are some of the things that money can do that are affected by the cancer of the wallet? They include:

Treatment of illness,      Eating healthy,     College fund,     Larger home,     Family time, Investments,    Travel around the world,     Charity and global contribution,     Time freedom,     Financial Freedom,     Ownership,     Security,     Options,     New home,     Car payment,     No debt,     Dress beautifully,     Etc

 How old is the cancer of the wallet? Well, I don’t know but it has existed for millions of years. It has affected the clergy, the politicians, the moms, the Dads, the married couples, businessmen, employees, the self-employed, doctors, professors, presidents, managers, University graduates, the homeless people, you, me, and everyone else. The cancer of the wallet has not been diagnosed in any hospital. That is why it does not exist in our medical records but every individual diagnoses it on his or her own and sometimes it is very hard for anyone with this form of cancer to come to the public to shout out loud-I have the cancer of the walleeeeeeet….I have the cancer of the walleeeeeet. Why not? Well, it kind of like a secret thing you know! It is actually not a disease. It is just hard to explain but it is a cancer that affects our wallets and has devastating impact in many areas of our lives.

To address this cancer sometimes we make secret arrangements with a financial institution so they can supply our wallets in exchange of being in debt. This debt could be car payments, credit card debt, house payments, and debt resulting from college education. This arrangement makes us feel that the cancer no longer exists because our wallets are happy. This strategy is like taking pain killers. Pain killers don’t really treat the disease. They just reduce the pain. What the debt does is that it turns us into slaves to the money lenders so that a percentage of our monthly hard earned earnings goes to the money lender.

I suffered many times from the cancer of the wallet. One day my wallet was as empty as a vacuum and I ate every food that I had up to the point where the only food left that time was an expired bread. I normally don’t eat expired food. But I ate this one all without even spreading peanut butter and or Jelly on it. Just with water. When that was gone, I looked into the refrigerator and there was nothing except an expired mayonnaise that has been in the refrigerator for almost two years and expired six (6) months ago when I saw it. I was wondering what to do with it. The expired bread was gone. I wanted to make porridge out of the expired mayonnaise but I had not done this before. I got a spoon of it but it tasted so weird. After this I resorted to drinking water (just water) for 48 hours. At the end of these 48 hours, I woke up one morning, walked to my refrigerator and I held on to it.  My eyes started turning my head around and before I knew it, I hit my head on the side of the table as I slide down the refrigerator staggering like someone who has scissors. I had fainted. It collapsed. I walk up and held onto the chair again and closed my eyes. In that moment, in this valley of need and despair, a Bible reading came to my mind. I went and picked up my Bible, opened it, and read it. It was written my Apostle Paul to the people of Philippians. It read like this “11 Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: 12 I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Pilippians 4:13-14. After this incident happened, I decided to allow myself to be transformed by the renewal of my mind so that I can become a force for good and do something for good to triumph.

This is just one instance the cancer of the wallet affected me personally and there are numerous of them. One of them involved an incidence when we made porridge in a refugee camp from maize flour that had absorbed petrol (paraffin) over night and another involved us eating coconuts for breakfast and dinner for two weeks straight. Another one involves going for shopping with $17 worth of pennies. I picked whatever I wanted in the store and went to the cashier. She scanned all the items and I handed her $17 worth of pennies. Her name was Paula. I remember that. How can you not! Paula did not say anything. She started counting these pennies. I turned my head and see the line of shoppers in the line behind me disappear and appear and disappear again. Paula was taking long to count $17 worth of pennies. It was after this that I began to value every penny and began to raise pennies for education. These were moments of change caused by the cancer of the wallet.

What has been some of your experiences with the cancer of the wallet? May be you did not have any experience at all!

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