Love Money !?

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1909 painting The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan.

How important is money to you ? How much is enough ? What would you do for money ?

I could ask you to try and answer these questions in your mind, but there's no need, you've already done it. if not now, you've probably done it in the past. Money is among the top 10 reasons for divorce, it affects every aspect of life and though we'd  rather not admit it, it's deep in our hearts and most of us dream of having more of it, in most cases much more of it.

 According to the book 'Wealth Riches and Money, God's Biblical Principles of finance' which I highly recommend "the New Testament actually Contains 215 verses pertaining to faith, 218 verses pertaining to salvation, and 2084 verses dealing with the stewardship of and accountability for money and finance. Sixteen of Jesus' thirty-eight parables deal with money."

 Simply put, if you can get to a man's money you get to his heart, cause more often than not, that's where his treasure is. That's also where the big problem is. The heart, and it's Love of money.

If we have a look at Matthew 6:24 in the Bible we'll find that often the word mammon is replaced by the word money in newer translations which is it Hebrew meaning, implying that serving GOD and Money are at complete odds with each other. "You cannot serve God and Mammon / Money", though this is true we can only serve one, it doesn't mean that one should completely avoid all contact with money and completely denounce it.

Matthew 6:24 refers to the replacement of God with Mammon, I think of it as Greed. The conscious or subconscious choice to have Greed as your master, to want money so much that it becomes the reason for everything we do, our very reason for existence, the measure of our worth. It becomes the main reason we get up and go to work, the main reason we remain in a relationship, the reason we make friends, the foundation for everything we do.

Whether we believe in God or not, I think there's one thing most of us can agree on, and that's that we often have a unhealthy relationship with money.

Many of the wealthy quickly discover that while money has many benefits, an unhealthy relationship with it quickly leads to a lonely fruitless life. Many will testify to lying awake in bed worrying about losing the money, who their true friends are? are the people surrounding them there for him/her or for the money? what if they lose it all?

The other end of the spectrum is also unhealthy. The poor and middle class often lie awake thinking about how they cannot afford this and that, thinking if only they had more money, while holding on to what they have for dear life.

The importance we place on money is what gives it it's power, in other words we give money it's power. Money should be treated as a servant, if ever one could make a case for slavery it would be here. As a servant money should be employed to accomplish tasks that improve humanity. I know that this sounds corny and everyone would love to spend as much of it on themselves, but I can assure you one of two things happens. Either you die a meaningless life surrounded by lots of things, or you quickly realize that the money you have needs to be accomplishing something greater than yourself.

Zig Ziglar said it best " You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." I believe that by doing this we help humanity, the two are not exclusive. When you give you get.

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