My Journey Into The Crypto Currency World

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Well, I've procrastinated for some time now, thinking about what to write! Like many people my time is, school runs, family, making a living etc, etc...

Something is buzzing within me though. Something I have been dabbling in at a very low level for several months. Something that has recently exploded in growth spectacularly.

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies!


You know, as I said, I've dabbled for some time in Bitcoin, buying some when it was priced at $400, then $700. I said 'some', not a whole Bitcoin ( I wish I did buy a few whole ones at that price)!!

I don't know whether you have been reading the headlines, but in the last year, Bitcoin has shot up to over $11,500 from a starting price of $997 on 1st January this year. A huge growth! Needless-to-say, my interest has grown even more.

I have since invested in other platforms and watched my crypto portfolio grow.

When I started with SFM, I was struggling to find the funds I needed to invest in the program to the level I wanted. I remember Stuart saying we needed to find our own way, to think outside the box.

I've found a way.

The beauty is it's a passive income way and it has provided me with peace of mind. Peace of mind to know I have funds coming into my accounts. Funds that enable me to pursue my learnings within SFM.

My goal is to have a sustainable online business that gives my family and I the freedom we deserve. My cryptocurrency vehicles are helping me achieve my goal.

One tool is here

The sustainable online business starts below!


Free online business startup bundle

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