My Life Changed In A Nights' Sleep

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How it all Started!

March of 2014, one night I was awakened by a sharp pain in my back, only to get worse as I move around looking for the cause, telling myself how bad my back hurts.  X-rays followed and I had compression fractures in my spine from taking steroids that demineralized my bones over time.  Steroids for a medical condition, not muscle building.  The good Dr. never bothered to tell me about this one very important possible side effect, osteoporosis! He never even admitted this after I confronted him, blaming it on "just how my body was".  Other Dr.'s didn't agree, and neither did I.  After this abrupt end to my career, I was left dependent on disability insurance to pay my way, which I'm appreciative of, but it's been three years of long painful days and I miss my 'better than now' paycheck, but not the part of 9 to fiveing it.

Things didn't get better Until..

At first all I wanted was to go back to work because I had things to do, but that wasn't going to happen and I didn't figure that out until after the first year.  I didn't contemplate a career change or even a laptop lifestyle until way later.  Getting on SSD (Social Security Disability) in the meantime wasn't as hard as I heard it was thanks to a firm, linked to my old workplace, that did the campaigning for me and it wasn't hard at all.  Filtering through and navigating my way through the disability insurance through the old workplace was a different story. They were willing and straightforward, but the paperwork and forms to fill out were overwhelming, and remember, I'm not feeling good mentally and physically at this point in my life.  It would take me ten minutes to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

After being on 'paycheck autopilot' for a few years, I needed something more.

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