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You are already a productive person, you are reading this, and so I’m sure you are on a daily effort of adding value to your life, and on a journey to find that thing that gives you a spark in life, a motivating element, a drive that elevates you on your life on a daily basis.

I thought I had it alright and in a good place till I came across this book all about managing our decisions, our energy and attention, I learned so much from it I couldn’t believe it. I promised to share this because it made so much sense to me and I hope it would same to you.

We all have extraordinary things to do in our own circle of influence, it’s tragic if an emersion said, we “turn aside from our main purpose to serve a job here and there”.

What if Steve jobs had made a thousand mediocre products instead of “insanely great” products?

What if Albert Einstein had been so stressed out at this patent-office job that he never took time to think about the universe?

But they achieved to be extraordinary individuals tremendously.

With the 5 choices, you can, you will achieve to be an extraordinarily productive person.

1.        Act on the important, don’t react to the urgent.

This is basically mastering the art of giving priory to what is important in your life and everything else is secondary.  Easy, so why do we fail in this sometimes, what’s the obstacle?

I think many people would say, “Because I have no discipline”. But Dr.Stephen R.Covey says this:

“On deeper  thought , I believe that is not the case. The basic problem is that their priorities have not become deeply planted in their hearts and minds, in other words, the problem is not with what they do with their time, but with how they think.

It’s important to observe your mindset while in process of mastering on how to give priority to what’s important in your life before it comes to an urgency. Watch the reference video by Dr. Wayne dyer, The Shift. Its mind blowing.

Productivity is not doing more things faster because your brain will only be hijacked by incoming demands and you will lose the ability to discern between important and unimportant priorities.

By contrast extraordinarily productive people don’t just react to the incomings’. They carefully discern between the important and un important, they are proactive about investing their time only in those things that deserve their finest effort and attention.

Many people fail to realize that they have the power to choose for themselves how they will live and work. They see themselves as victims of their circumstances. But if you make choice 1, you literally take charge of your life. You are free to create your own future.

                                …………………………………………….To be continued.

Next Blog would be the choice 2

Go for Extraordinary , Don’t settle for Ordinary

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