Studying for Accounting made easier...

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Studying for accounting for the last 6 years of my life and come out the other side alive and well i feel i must share some tips i learnt along the way :)

When it comes to financial statements you are half-way there if you can remember the layouts to start with.

So tip 1: Take the Profit And Loss Account. Get the First letter from each row on a Profit & Loss that has almost every possible adjustment that you'll get in the exam.


C=Cost of Goods

O=Other Income

G=Gross Profit


You get the idea, Use the template you have from class/exam paper solutions.

Once you have the letters create a story that is funny/creates a picture so that you will remember it and it will make you smile in the exam :)









So Sams Canoe overturned on Green Eels becomes 


Cost of Sales

Other Income

Gross Profit

Less Expenses...

Let you imagination run wild, the more obsure the easier itll be to recall.

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