The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Business

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5 Apps for When Mobile Use is Strictly Business


There are a lot of apps out there with multiple different functions. It can be hard not to get distracted when you’re working on something that’s strictly business.

Cloud-based messaging apps are great for communicating with coworkers, but each session is a window of temptation. Instead of talking about work, you can send GIFs or memes back and forth just as easily.

These business-oriented apps were developed to help professionals stay organized and focused.


Wunderlist is a great app for managing day-to-day tasks in your business and personal life. You can manage your to-do list, appointments, and deadlines across multiple devices, from your Kindle Fire to your Mac and smartphone. Integrating multiple devices is seamless, and you won’t need to spend time scheduling appointments twice. If you’re using a program like Outlook at work, you can forward appointments directly to your Wunderlist app and it will make it a task on your to-do list.

Another unique feature is the ability to tag different items with a hashtag. This is an extra step added to categorize multiple lists and assign notes as you enter them. For example, attaching #JobFair to the end of a note will keep it exclusively on your Job Fair list:

  • Ex. Tag: #JobFair
  • Order promotional materials #JobFair
  • Send out invites #JobFair
  • Bring 100 business cards #JobFair

You can try it out for free and upgrade to Wunderlist Pro for business for less than $5 a month. You can share your lists with friends and family for free and after you upgrade you can delegate tasks to your colleagues.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another application focused on cloud storage with impressive collaboration features. You can your colleagues can work on a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint – all at the same time. Instead of sending the same attachment back and forth, a shareable link will allow everyone to come and go from the working document as they please.

This is especially helpful for businesses when there is a time crunch. When you want to work on the same presentation as someone else, you won’t get an error message when you try to open it. Additionally, you can see the revisions people are making as they’re doing it. Instead of having to email or call someone with a recommendation, you can start typing and the co-author(s) will see it immediately.

Like the other applications, you can purchase more storage as needed. Users don’t need a Gmail account to access team files, but they will need to set up a Google account.  Only those who are invited to the shared file will be able to view and/or edit it.


Instead of storing files on a shared drive and having your colleagues search for them, give DropBox a try. DropBox will host all the work files your business needs to store, access, and share over its lifecycle.

Once you have an account, you can manage how employees use it by assigning them different permissions. You can also review their activity on the platform and put them into groups.  

The free version of this application has limited storage capacity (2 GB). To really get the most out of this file management platform, you’ll want to upgrade from a basic account. Dropbox Business offers a 30-day free trial for teams that want to test out the water.


Trello is a great way to manage your projects without the heavy cost of a large CRM platform like Salesforce. After you sign-up, you’ll start by making a board for your team to collaborate on. This board incorporates a series of lists that are broken down into different “cards.”  

Cards can easily be dragged and dropped when an action item is complete or when it shifts in priority. Imagine you’re a marketing professional who specializes in client relations. You create a board called “Lead Generation” with three separate lists: Leads, Prospects, and Customers. Under each category, there are cards with individual names or companies you want to convert or maintain a relationship with. As these relationships evolve over time, you can move the cards to the next stage of Lead Generation and track your progress.

Your Trello board is completely customizable and can grow and shrink as needed. The perk of using it for business is how easily it integrates with other well-known apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack. These are referred to as “Power-Ups” in the Trello world, and your integration capability will depend on the type of account you have.


Expensify will make managing your company’s travel and expense reporting a breeze. Since employees utilizing the app are on-the-go, the developers have worked diligently to make the app mobile-friendly.

A company can set parameters on how employees utilize their expenses. If a charge falls outside of what a company has allowed it will be submitted for review. Otherwise, employees will automatically be reimbursed for a purchase they make.

As an employee, you won’t have to worry about keeping paper receipts while you're on the move. Additionally, the app flushes out duplicate receipts for the accountant who authorizes the funds. You can get a more in-depth look at the app’s features and integrations here.

We’re not suggesting that work shouldn’t be fun at times. However, knowing when to draw the line between work and play is important for career growth.

These apps will help you stay inside the lines by keeping you task-oriented.

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