The Abundance Envelope

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The Abundance Envelope has become popular among Spanish speakers through Mr Enric Corbera and is used to attract money into our lives leaving it into the Universe's hands. I would like to tell you my story.

Mr Enric Corbera is Spanish-Catalan, he has a Degree in Psychology and has been studying different works and authors like Carl Gustav Jung, among others for more than 20 years in order to unify dispersed and complex knowledge and make it accessible to everyone. In his workshop "Aplicaciones de un Curso de Milagros" (Applications of a Miracles' Course) he tells that while reading Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich", he took a pen and wrote in the book the income he would like to earn at the time, as the author requested. After a while, one day he saw the book again and discovered that the amount that he had written that time was exactly what he was earning then. That event inspired him to create the Abundance Envelope.

Enric explains that it is a key to ask ourselves what we are doing to not earn the money we want. What thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we have to give up what we would like to have. We must see and feel the impediment, and once we do it we can change it. See the way you think, if you believe you have a shortage, that is what you are asking to the Universe to send you, more and more shortage. He also mentions that helping others to earn money makes us abundant as well, we attract wealth giving wealth to others. "To receive first you have to give when you give more you receive; if you give to obtain, you lose, when you give for pleasure, you win"; Enric's words.

The Abundance Envelope works as follows: You take an enveloundefinedpe and write on the front the following sentence: "Universe: it is you who decide to keep it always full in the way that you consider". And on the other side of the envelope, you draw a Star. In the centre of the Star you write the amount of money that you wish to receive per month or per year; and at each end of the star, you write How you suggest the cash could come into your life. You have to take into accounundefinedt that if you ask for"Work" and the money you are asking is a high figure, the Universe will send you a lot of work to achieve that amount. Therefore Enric recommends not to suggest 'Work', but you can use words like Commissions, Interests, Lottery, Own business, etc. Once you have created your envelope, you must place money inside, real money notes, any amount of money but the most important aspect is that if you take some money from it, never leave it empty, there must always be at least one note inside.

The secret for this method to work is to trust the Universe and also create in your mind images of yourself spending the money in whatever you feel like. Please don't focus on HOW the abundance will come to you as you only make suggestions to the Universe; focus on WHAT you will receive.

A few months ago, when I found out about this method, I implemented it in my life immediately. I can tell, at that time it was impossible, really impossible for me to get the money I asked the Universe. Not even with the best-paid job ever!. Two months later, I was trying to find a course online that suits me and before starting my search, I looked for a video to listen to some music. Before the video started, there was an Ad about a training program that helps to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. This program teaches me the Digital Marketing skills while I belong to an amazing community of entrepreneurs. It does not only gives flexibility in location and more free time in daily life but also I have the chances to earn the money I asked the Universe to send me. I will be honest with you, I couldn't stop smiling! It was just perfect, the more I read about this program, the more it looked like what I had been visualising. I couldn't sleep that night, I was amazed for hours. In the morning when I woke up, I said Thank You to the Universe for this gift as I have learnt the Abundance Envelope really works!

So remember, don't expect changes into your life if you do nothing to change. if you wish Abundance coming to you, analyse your thoughts and see what you are doing and what you are not doing to get the Wealth you wish; change it and create your new Reality from now! you can start with the Abundance Envelope!

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