The crypto generation are you in or out?

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It's been a couple of weeks now and have ventured in the crypto currency domain. I was faced with an influx of new terminology, financial jargon that had me searching on google and researching on Youtube. What an interesting concept of trading digital coins without the middle man, a decentralised banking system where you own your currency and trade it within a network. The crypto currency, ''Bitcoin'' was the first of many digital currencies, created by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009. I remember hearing of Bitcoins and to be honest I was not interested, it was something I associated with tech geeks, it's virtual so I didn't think it was anything real in this world as it wasn't tangible. 

Fast forward to 2017 and I'm there wondering whether I missed the boat 8 years ago and the big bang exploded and I was none the wiser. My own perception so far regarding the crypto currency is the freedom people have knowing the state banks have no influence and that ''You'' are in charge of your investments. That's not to say it doesn't come with its own risks, any financial investments comes with risks. I am not an experienced trader on the stock market but I have a feeling this is the way the world is going and this did not veer me from trying out and researching a bit more

Did you hear a few companies are venturing into the Crypto world and you can now pay for services with digital currency? I found a company which offered stock/crypto trading, a platform that is really user friendly and the absolute for me was free registration with a free $10 000 practice account. You really have nothing to lose, registering and leveraging their free practice account so you're not losing anything. Learning the ropes without losing any funds, what more can you ask for?

I have purchased some digital coins and have used the watch and wait approach, watching the trend as we all know last week November 2017 Bitcoin value went up to $10 000 for one coin. Even i had a slice of that coin and was a value of £800. You don't need to purchase a bitcoin for $10 000, you can start from as little as $10 and purchase a bit of the coin. 

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then you can decide whether this is for you. Until next time.............

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