The day I stopped complaining

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The day I stopped complaining is today. And I say that after realizing there's not point in it at all. 

The day I've stop complaining is now, because now is what matters the most, now is the only moment that actually exists, and from where all actions can be taken. Where are you right now? Look at the environment around you. Do you see possibilities, or do you see hopelessness?

I have been hopeless for about 36 years of my life, until I started to learn that it is up to me, and up to me entirely, to make my day work. To make my future work. To contribute for the planet. To spread the knwoledge I already own and humbly distribute it. There's more to give than to get. 

In my life for example, when I give something to my gilrfriend, I feel way more thrilled when I give than when I receive. Not to say if I was given a Porsche, and that would change this game entirely, come back to the point, there's something in the act of giving. There's something about it that makes you feel participant, alive and relevant to the ones who are closer to you. When you give you feel there's more to give, it is something like refueling your heart. You give and you immediately feel the retribution. You give, and this very exisitence sees you and recognizes your wishfull heart. It spots you right on and suddenly you become aware there's more than enough given to you at this very moment.

Look around again and this time put your old habits aside, feel how fullfilling this moment is as you just read this message. Take a deeper breath. Look around you one more time, see life in every corner, feel the recognition you always wanted from others, breathe it in, and out...

In this moment, you find yourself, you recognize... you have been loved.

The day I did stop complaining is the day I could finally reach out to my own hand and say: 

– You're home.

The day I stopped complaining is the day I said: thank you. 

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