The No.1 Enemy Of Change

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Sometimes you may have thoughts like "There must be more to life", am I right?
Like in situations when things are not going like you want them to?
Is there a lingering desire for a better life with more freedom, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones?

Good for you! I think many people have similar thoughts about their life situation. I know, and I'm no different. The problem is, what are you going to do about it?

It can drive you nuts! Especially when you are not feeling ready to do something about it. Or you want to change but you just don't know how or where to start. Yet…. The thoughts keep just sitting there, in the back of your mind.

So, there you are. You’re ready for change, but not dealing with it.

Maybe, every now and then things will cross your path that has the potential to become the life-changer you want so bad. But for some reason, you don't take action, or not with the necessary commitment. Is it doubt? Or fear?

It could be a combination of things. And maybe also the kind of opportunity it concerns because it could be so totally out of your comfort zone that it's just not 'feeling good'. You think….

Let's take a look at that comfort zone. What is it?

Is it something you deliberately set up to protect yourself? I don’t think so. Or can it be your subconscious trying to stop you with every step that you take out-of-the-box? That’s probably it because your comfort zone is largely controlled by your subconscious.


And your subconscious will do all it can to keep you 'in-the-box'…..

Unless you reset your mind…

That comfort zone box contains valuable stuff, no doubt. But also a lot of crap that you would be better off without. It’s full of (mainly) old beliefs and habits that will work against you, as well as your personal development. Good old-fashioned beliefs about work, relations, money, securities, responsibilities, etc. etc. "Work hard, be honest, and it will be alright…"

All in all, the comfort zone is a pretty safe place to be to feel secure. But the box can also become very tight and withhold you from living the life you really want to live. You’re stuck in your box or your bubble. You can see the other bubble where the magic happens, but you don’t see how you can get there.

If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself. You have to get out of that comfort zone and do things you never thought of doing. Change your mindset. If we try to solve a problem, with the mindset that caused it, it’s probably a road to disaster, agree?

Like I said, I was no different than most people. I used to be very comfortable in my comfort zone. But in the end, I realized what I needed to do if I really wanted to change my life. It took me a while to get ready and get out of my comfort zone. But I did. I still sometimes have trouble staying there. But I learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And it’s absolutely worth my while.

Because I had the courage to jump out of my box I’m now building the life I wanted. I’m learning all about online marketing and implementing it in my own online marketing business. It’s not always easy, but I enjoy every step of the way. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in the last 6 months. Not just about the business but especially about who I want to become as a person. I’m growing as a person, working on a positive mindset. It all feels frigging good!

I’m meeting new people, making new friends. Being a part of a global community of like-minded people is like having a new family. I’m glad that writing and talking in English gets easier every day because in the beginning that was pretty awkward J

About 7 months ago, I could never have imagined the changes that I’ve been through since then. Every day I speak out my gratitude for the courage and trust that I needed to start this fantastic journey into a new life.

I hope this blog was of value for you.
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