The Six Deconstructing Men

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I owe my ability to understand large business solutions to the six deconstructing men. I read a poem by Rudyard Kipling and it went like this:

" I keep six honest serving men

They taught me all I knew;

Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who". 

The idea/purpose behind this poem is to ask questions. At every step along the way it's your ability to understand "difficult" topics that are going to help you get to that next level of understanding. I call the 6 honest men the deconstructing men because if you are constantly deconstructing ideas you can begin to see a pattern. Once you have a succesful pattern that others have used then all you do is aply it to your business decisions and constantly optimize it accordingly. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you start by asking questions like what, why, when, how, where, and who then you will have an advantage over those that are too afraid to ask due to their fear of seeming dumb/stupid. It's stupid not to ask questions! The answers to the questions are for YOUR benefit not for anybody elses.

We live in a day where we are legitimately overwhelmed with tools for success. All the questions you have can be answered through the internet, local libraries, and others through conversation. Not using this assortment of information properly can serve as a huge disservice to you. Imagine the potential you have if you read a book about proper finance techniques once a week for a year. That's about 52 books! That many books on finance alone will undoubtedly help you get to a more prosperous understanding on how to manage your finances. In order for you to properly get to understanding you must have those six deconstructing men by your side at all times. These men along with a strong feeling of ambition will lead you to a life of prosperity and success.