The truth that you do not want to hear on how to get out of debt!

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Debt can be a difficult topic for someone to talk about, is something that affects the quality of life of many people, provoking situations of stress, anxiety, depression, but I have to give you the truth that you do not want to hear on how to get out of debt.
It is indisputable that money or lack of it may be a reason why so many people get lost on the way.

Here are some revealing statistics:
The average American gross income is about 71 000 dollars;
Americans owe over 1.4 trillion dollars in student loan debt, distributed between about 44 million borrowers and the average class of 2016 graduate had approximately 37 000 dollars in debt;
The average American household owes roughly 132 000 dollars in debt;
The average American 401k balance is around 96 000 dollars;
The estimated monthly cost of living in the 3 major cities in the US is between $7000 and $9000.


So, if you're living in Houston, Texas, for example, you are spending per year about $60 000 to cover your necessities costs. The average American's worker wage is around $45 000 annually. Let`s do the math: if your annual income is $65 000, and you have $30 000 in debt and you are spending $60 000 to live in Houston, your problem is not debt.
You need to make more money, dude!

It sounds simple, right? Actually, it is simpler than most people think because the problem is not the debt is the lack of income.
Do you know any billionaires who have no debt? The point here is not to focus on the fact that someone is in debt but to find a solution to increase their income, whether through finding a sales job or through the sharing of their knowledge or experience through a monetary return.


Your issue isn`t that you messed up and got in some serious debt, is that your income is too low, and as long as that happens you gonna struggle because income solves all problems, period. Don`t be lying to yourselves, saying that everything is alright when I see so many people complaining about this and that and they do nothing to change their current situation because somebody needs to ask them the hard questions, that are tough to hear so they can realize that the problem starts in themselves.

It takes time for you to realize that you are broke, financially and mentally, and the politicians can`t save you on that, so take action by attacking the source of the problem so that you can validate the truth on how to get out of debt.


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