This is the time to take control of your life

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Each of us knows very well how we would like to live our life. We have in our mind all that we would like to do someday, and we never put it into practice. Hobbies we want to do every day or during the weekend and we always hold them over. Dreams we would like to fulfil and we never work on them.

It is a habit of the human being, giving priority to obligations and not to what they love to do.

I learned that when we have children there is one more activity to add to the list and is spending more time with them. I understand that some people do not like this, on the contrary, they prefer that their children spend most of their time at school and doing extra activities than being at home. However, others don't, at the end of the working day and when arriving tired at home we notice that the activities we share with our children are doing homework, having dinner, a bath and going to bed. Then in the silence of the house, we decide to watch TV or surf the internet for how long, a couple of hours maybe? While we can also chat and having a coffee break with our partner if he/she is not doing another task at home. Later read a little in bed before feeling sleepy. 

So full-time jobs, traffic, preparing dinner, helping your children with homework, bathing them, bathing you, dining, TV and bed are the routines that most parents do today. 

And so they go on, day by day, week by week. And the weekends? We could take advantage of that free time to invest it in our children, our hobbies, our dreams, but not, the weekend flew by! And we were so tired that we forgot to live it to the full.

If you think of it, 

How could you try to have more free time daily to be able to work in your dreams, or practice your hobbies, and not feel so tired when you are at home with your children to enjoy them and enjoy yourself?

Let's start by removing activities from the day:

  • Work: You can not stop working obviously.
  • Traffic: Inevitable, to get home you must waste time in traffic.
  • Help your children with homework: Or if you prefer cooking dinner, one of the two, both are priorities.
  • Dinner: It is obligatory 
  • Showering: Everyone should shower
  • Watching TV: Here we have an extra time that we could change, instead of watching TV think about doing a hobby, but it should be something quiet because you are tired and only for a couple of hours since it is the only available time you have.
  • And after all this routine, what we most want to do is going to bed! Going to bed is a need. 

Well, we could not remove anything, just the TV for a couple of hours.

And what if you could change your job? Work less for the same salary and have more free time? It would be Amazing!, but where do you find a part time job for the same salary? How difficult!

So why not starting building your own business?

Slow but steady?

You do not have to stop working of course but think, you have the 2 hours a day of TV, turn off the TV and concentrate on training yourself to gradually start building a business that in the future will give you more free time. At weekends you could also invest time but just if you want to, if you don't, ENJOY the weekend!!!

I propose you to give a try

Nowadays building your own online business is very profitable and only requires your laptop or your desktop and constancy. No traffic, no schedule. Turn on your computer, take the risk, take control of your life and fight for what you want. An online business can give you the freedom not only to work from anywhere in the world but also to have the enough time for your children, your partner, your hobbies, your dreams.

At the moment I am training myself and starting to build my own online business through a training program that allows me to develop not only marketing skills but also I am acquiring a lot of knowledge about platforms, programs, blogging, videos, websites, and the only thing that I can say is that I am amazed! Of the magnitude of material this program has and the massive knowledge that I am learning.

Think about it, are you happy with the routine you carry on from Monday to Friday? Or do you live tired, overwhelmed because you feel that you never stop, and that life passes? The choice is yours, only you can do something to change your life, no other person will. You own your present and your future, take action NOW! Or choose to go on like this forever. Only you know what is in your heart and what that internal voice tells you every day.

Don't forget, you own your life, and you choose how to live it!

Have a wonderful day!

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