To Have More You Must Become More

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Those who believe they can become a success in whatever journey they choose and those who believe are worthy of success, are the ones who will be, simply because they act accordingly.

First, You Must Decide That You Are Going to Be Successful

Many successful people become successful because they decide to become successful. They know that there is more to what is being presented in front of them.

This motivates them to take the necessary actions consistently that turn their beliefs into realities.

Deciding that you are worth of becoming successful is your first step towards greater prosperity.

People with far more difficulties and greater obstacles and limitations have gone on to become incredibly successful, so why not you?


Becoming successful begins with an attitude of gratitude, I touched on this subject on my blog here

Take inventory of all the great things you already have.

Ask yourself what do I feel grateful for in my life? write it down.

Now if you were to show your list to most people around the world they would call you wealthy!

Feel grateful for all you have and you will feel instantly wealthy!

Here is the secret, once you feel like you have more, you will feel and act successful and this will charge a magnet that will attract more success and wealth into you!

Give More to Others

You have heard this one before, if you want love give love, if you want to be happy make others happy, if you want more give more!

Ask yourself, is whatever you are doing helping others? Is it good for others welfare, for mankind?

I don’t mean you should go out there and sign up to every charity organisation tomorrow, but rather, start on your immediate circle. Remember it’s the simple things, for example if you are working in the 9-5, how do you help a colleague succeed or do well? How do you help your team add value?

If you are starting a business how do you set out to help your customers, I mean to really help them achieve their goals? Not just by selling them your products!

Think in terms of value and how you can help others live their dream life.

It could be something you have read, or a podcast you have listened to that might be useful to them. Remember the 5 things that leaders do every day? Doing these 5 things everyday not only do they add value to your life, but they add massive value in helping others achieve their dreams too!

 To have more you must become more; to yourself and others. But first, decide that you are worthy of success whilst being grateful for what you already have. Gratitude will super charge a magnet that will attract more success and wealth into you.

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