What About The Rest Of Us?

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I think I'm disabled.

The morning I had to call in and say I wasn't coming in that day was like any other time I had to call in, I felt I had to have a pretty good excuse to be off and they made me feel guilty for not being there, as if they were the one's suffering because of my absence.  I was also in the middle of getting in touch with human resources, my doctor's and the disability insurance people to sort out what I needed to do to find out how to keep a paycheck coming while I was gone for an indefinite amount of time.  Anytime something like this happens, at least where I worked, one had to spend a week of their own vacation time before being allowed to collect STD (Short Term Disability) from the disability insurance.  They made me aware of 'this call is being recorded', they didn't even try to hide it and say it was for training purposes, I just knew it was to catch variations in my voice or inconsistencies in my story making like I was lying so they wouldn't have to pay.  I can speak volumes more on that later.  The girl from human resources was very cooperative, her and I were and still are pretty good friends, and helped in every way she could.  When I contacted my boss on the other hand, he heard me out, but when it came time for me to drop the disability bomb, he was like, 'what about the rest of us'?  I said, well, sorry, and I was thinking, 'you might actually have to do some of the work yourself!'  'By the way, I'm fine, thanks for asking.'

Always tell the truth!

Getting on disability was really never an issue as far as the fact of my claim was concerned, it was just the waiting and tension of it all.  I had to talk to several different people at the disability insurance company to get all this going, the facts straight, gather as much information about me as they could, test results from doctor's, did this happen at home or on the job, it was endless it seemed.  Disability insurance is a nice thing to have and I've said before, I'm grateful to have had it.  I suppose everyone is treated as suspicious until concrete evidence is revealed about each case, however, it did make me feel like I was under a cloud of suspicion for something that wasn't my fault.

 If you've ever had experiences like these or something similar, you can do something about it.

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