3 Reasons Why I am Vegan.

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The first reason why I am vegan is health.

I am not going to explain you how beneficial plant based vegan diet is to your health. Doctor Michael Greger will do it better than I would do. Check out the video below.

 After watching videos like this and reading books about plant based diet. I’m beginning to understand what to do to be healthy. I don’t want to spend time suffering from preventable diseases. I want to live my life to full potential. I start learning how to make healthy food, how to make my health number one priority. I treat my body like temple. I know its worth it. I can see the benefits of it.

The second reason why I am vegan is for animals.

Few years ago I’m one of many people who would say “I can’t understand how people can be cruel to animals” thinking only about dogs and cats but when it comes to farm animals I still perceive them as product and their well being and needs don’t even cross my mind. I have this blinder on my eyes, oblivious to what animals have to go through before they arrive on our plate. One day I’m watching video called “ AND NOBODY GETS KILLED” where Gary Yourofsky & Kate Timko are talking about animal rights. I begin understand what those innocent beings are going though. I open my mind and heart. I become more empathetic and compassionate. I no longer want to cause any pain to animals. Vegan lifestyle helped me to right this terrible wrong. Check out the video below.

 “When man learns to respect even smallest being of creation...nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man”

                                                                             Albert Schweitzer

The third reason why I am vegan is for environment.

Animal Agriculture has big impact on environment. 51% of CO2 emissions comes from Animal Agriculture but only 18% comes from all means of transport combined together. Animal Agriculture is leading cause of water pollution, oceans “dead zones”, rain forest deforestation, species extinction, world hunger and water depletion. To grow one kilogram of vegetables we need 500 litres of water, to grow one kilogram of meat we need 5000 litres of water.

Use vegan calculator to check how much water you would safe if you went vegan for 1 year. 

I recommend you to watch Cowspiracy. This documentary movie will explain the environmental issue in depth. Check out the trailer below.

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