Bad Inflammation & the Stranger Lurking behind it!


Part 1

"I was too busy to think about what might be going on inside me. Whatever it was, it could wait...right?"

So, while I tried to ignore the signs of a medical catastrophe-as it lay quite still and fairly dormant- occasionally bubbling to the surface, it happened and just like a volcano erupting, my immune system was raging and out of control.

So, there it is...You can no longer ignore, brush aside or pretend it's not happening and you know that its impact will be significant enough to alter and change your future 'landscape' just as hot molten lava destroys everything in its path.

What would become of you if you were no longer able to be that person you've grown up with your entire life-the reason being because of a sudden accident or progressive medical condition that significantly impacts and changes your landscape?

It happened to me

It was the gradual, progressive kind of medical condition that during the first episodes (mild tremors), was easy enough to ignore because symptoms were fleeting and didn't have a lasting impact on me. But these episodes were accumulating-becoming more frequent and together revealed pockets of damage.

These pockets of damage were building in a subtle way and merging into a bigger problem that soon told a different story about the state of my health.

Ok, so I already knew what it was like to face health challenges of one kind or another but this one was really taking over. The stranger was in the driving seat! I imagined what it would be like if my condition was not the gradual type, but instead came without warning from having an accident. How utterly devastating this would be, so I counted my blessing that I- at least had the opportunity to gradually adjust to my limitations but I was kidding myself thinking like this, because the truth is...

"Whether it's a sudden or gradual loss of one's health, a sort of grieving process takes place for everyone but people go through this at different stages" 

The flowing molten lava that resembles; inflammation destroying everything in it's path.

Bad Inflammation & the Stranger Lurking behind it!

Look out for Part 2 of this article... 

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