Milk, white wonder?

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Milk, white wonder. It is drunk throughout the world and by all age groups, from infants to older people. It is the source of vitamins A, D, B2, B5, B12, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, rich in proteins. It is estimated what milking of all kinds of animals for milk consumption began over 4000 years before Christ and is popular to this day. Choosing the type of animal what is used for this has a lot to do whit geographical location, use or even belief.

Milk is seen by many as the basic product in the daily diet. We can hardly survive without butter-cream whit slice of cheese, cream in de soup or the warm glass of milk before bedtime. The environment plays a major role in the consumption of this beverage, many publications about the wondrous characteristics of drinking milk, advertising about dairy products or, for example, our education. That is the way we are also determined to continue our healthy diet and not to pay attention to the criticism, that the last times is to see on the internet and can be heard in the mass media.

And criticism is a lot, you have to know, based on scientific facts, research or even observations of doctors and dietetics. According to them, what the average man regards as milk, it is no longer. Today they call milk us milky product. Why? The reason is simple. There is no cow in the world that produces cooked, degreased and without nutritional milk. Because that is what you find these days in the store. from the moment of the introduction of pasteurization politics, milk may not call itself milk. That is just an aqueous side product whit lactose, which our body is unable to process for many reasons.

Here comes a question immediately, why not? The answer is very simple. As indicated at the beginning of this chapter, many valuable substances are in the milk. By pasteurization, so increasing the temperature above 50 degrees (in practice that's much more), all vitamins die and 80 percent of all minerals and proteins. In a balanced world, optimal balance is of great value, so if something is missing in a product, will no longer function properly.

The second aspect is breeding structure. In the time of our ancestor's milk, cheese or butter were seasonal products. A cow was run, got a calf, milkes her child for a while and only then was she used to provide us whit dairy. These times, unfortunately, a cow gets no respect from us people anymore. At first, she is fertilized manually, only to be pregnant but still be able to give milk. After the birth within a few minutes, she is separated from her young so she would not develop mother emotion... In the days that follow, she is again fertilized manually and the circle is round. Such procedures are dangerous but especially unethical. However, health hazard is that the milk is always rich in female pregnant hormones, hormones that cause not only diseases such as cancer of allergies, but also, for example, unwanted breast growth by man. Eating cheese increases the risk because cheese is concentrated. And what about feelings? How would you feel if someone immediately took your child away after giving birth? Nonsense is the statement that an animal has no emotions. The best proof is to watch some videos filmed on youtube while separating the mother from her child, the screams from the cow, the cries of the young, even chasing the truck, kicking a fence or hurting employees. Once seen the despair of such animal, split your heart into a thousand pieces.

The third point is that it virtually impossible to be pregnant and give milk at the same time. Such performances can only be accompanied if the cow is genetically engineered. If the animal is GMO, then the milk too, and that certainly has an effect on your own DNA.

So your choice. Because you have choices. In every organic store or supermarket, you can find many kinds of cheese or milk varieties that are 100% vegetable. Better, you can also make it yourself. Take, for example, almond milk. Put a handful almonds in a blender, add water, and blended it for a moment. It's that simple. If you do not want bits of nuts between your teeth, filter the milk through a cloth. Good look en health to you! 

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